Posted on November 01, 2014

Aspire Zone successfully hosted the Aspire International 6:50 Race yesterday with the world’s top Ultramarathon runners competing for the 10th IAU 50 Km World Trophy Final. During the event, Aspire Zone had a number of facilities on site at the Athletes Village including massages and first aid. There was also a corner for family members who cheered on the runners which resembled an authentic Arabic majlis, as well as camels for people to take memorial photos with, all of which created a fantastic atmosphere that was in line with the local heritage.

An honoring ceremony was held at The Torch today with senior officials from Aspire Zone including Mr. Khalid Abdullah Al-Sulaiteen, Aspire Zone CEO; and Mr. Ali AlKubaisi Aspire Zone COO; as well as Mr. Ali Al Fhaida, Aspire logistics Acting Director; in addition to Mr. Nasser Abdulla Al Hajiri, Aspire Zone Corporate Communications Manager; Philip Templar, Aspire Venues and Events Director and Mr. Abdulla Al Khater Aspire Logistics Events Manager; as well as Mr. Dirk Strumane, President of the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU); and Mr. Nadeem Khan, IAU Director of Communications, including elite runners and distinguished guests allin attendance to announce and award the winners their medals.

10th IAU 50 Km World 1 [].jpg

During the honoring ceremony, the following runners were recognised for their outstanding achievements: 6:50 Race Male, Collen Makaza with a time of 3:00:41; 6:50 Race Female, Emily Harrison with a time of 3:32:30; Open Race Male, Marco Lambardi; Open Race Female, Sarah Whittington; Open Race Male under 40, Christopher Sparshott; Open Race Female under 40, Tuedon Morgan; Open Race Male 40+, Simon Firth; Open Race Female 40+, Rita Whelan; Open Race Male 50+, Hugh Hunter; and Open Race Female 50+, Rita Whelan.

The winners in the remaining categories were: the Moroccan team who won the Relay Race, while the Qatari team, Al Adaam, placed fourth in the Relay Race, in what is an amazing achievement as it is the first time that they have participated. Further, the GCC Champion Male was Justin Walker, with a time of 4:27:18; and the GCC Champion Female was Sarah Whittington with a time of 4:24:18.

Mr. Khalid Abdullah Al-Sulaiteen, CEO of Aspire Zone said: “I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the IAU and all related parties for not only choosing Aspire Zone to host such a highly ranked event, but for awarding Aspire Zone the upcoming three world championships until 2017. I would like also to congratulate all of the winners from all of the different categories. And a special thank you to the Qatari Relay team who won 4th place which is considered a great accomplishment as it is the first time they participated in such a competition.”

10th IAU 50 Km World 2 [].jpg

Also, Mr. Dirk Strumane thanked the Aspire Zone team in his speech for their impressive commitment in pulling together the event as well as their excellent organization. Mr. Strumane extended his congratulations to all of the professional runners as well as the local participants who were able to find themselves a place among the winners. Aspire Zone marked the successful conclusion of the 6:50 Race and the IAU 50km World Trophy Final with the announcement it has been awarded host venue for the newly formatted 50km World Championships for the next three years.

Aspire Zone continues to organise international sports events as it actively promotes a healthy lifestyle for the whole community. Further, Aspire Zone is proud to announce that its next event will be the 100km World Championship which will take place on November 21st and is tipped to once again draw the world’s top ultramarathon runners to the State of Qatar.

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