Posted on June 01, 2018

A report released by Al Jazeera Net website revealed that Qatar has launched new shipping lines with different countries for import and export, which led to the increase of exports’ destinations to 66 countries, as well as the increase of the operational capacity of the port to receive large quantities of food products and building materials.

According to the report, Hamad Port has been transformed by the blockade from an ordinary local port to one of the most important shipping passages in Qatar and the Arabian Gulf region, benefiting from its size and logistical capabilities. Hamad Port covers an area of more than 28 square kilometers and a basin length of 4 kilometers, and a width of 700 meters, and depth up to 17 meters. Hamad Port recently celebrated a new milestone in the handling of 1 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit) in a record time since operations began, and ahead of schedule.

source: Al Sharq