Posted on July 17, 2014

Acting Chief Executive of the National Health Insurance Company (NHIC) Dr. Faleh Mohammed Hussein Ali (pictured) has said the number of providers of health services within the network of providers in the Social Health Insurance System (SAHA) will double in the next phase to about 100 provider compared to the current 52 providers including public and private hospital, as well as medical complexes and clinics. He also revealed that more than 150 thousand citizen benefited within two months of health services covered by the insurance system, after the launch of the second phase on last April 30. 

Addressing at a press conference, held by the National Health Insurance Company about the latest developments in social health insurance after a full year had elapsed since its launch, Dr. Faleh warned against the manipulation which could probably be committed by some clinics or hospitals, such as giving drugs not need by the patient, repetition of medical tests or treatment of a patient of diseases which are not included in the insurance coverage such as plastic surgery of the nose and recorded on grounds of the correction of a congenital defect. 

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Dr. Faleh Hussein warned manipulators that they are under the control of the National Health Insurance Company and the security authorities responsible for maintaining the state's public funds. He said among methods to detect manipulation are the surprise visits by the staff of the National Health Insurance Company and random checking of patients' files, matching them to claims sent by the service provider to the National Health Insurance Company and comparing medications and tests that have been described for the patient.