Posted on September 11, 2016

As part of its continued efforts to relieve the Syrian people's suffering, Qatar Charity (QC) recently provided food supplies to help more than 16,000 people in Eastern and Western Ghouta, said a QC press release. Mohammed Rashid al Ka'bi, QC's Director of Relief Management, said,"The food basket distribution project in Ghouta aims at alleviating the pain of its affected population by responding to their basic needs. The people of Ghouta are currently facing food shortages as well as psychological and financial burdens."

 Ka'bi explained how the field team in Syria was able to distribute food baskets to 16,000 people. Each basket was sufficient for a family of five members for around a month. The quantities of food supplies were identified according to the international standards of World Food Programme."Each basket contained rice, sugar, bulgur, beans, pekmez, tomatoes, olive oil, cooking oil, macaroni, vermicelli, humos and jam," he added. Ka'bi thanked all the people who supported and donated for Relieve Syria campaign."We were able to implement many of the campaign's projects. We encourage the philanthropists of Qatar to continue supporting the campaign because of the exacerbating conditions of Syria. Qatar has always been known to help the needy and stand by the distressed," he said.

Donors can donate for Syria's relief campaign through Al Rayyan bank account, QC's website '', QC's headquarter and branches in Qatar, the collection points in the malls or through the hotline '11776644'. QC's urgent relief response campaigns for the Syrian people continue since the beginning of the five-year-long conflict in the country. Last week, QC signed agreements to implement relief projects for the benefit of 346,600 people at a cost of more than QR10,000,000. The cost of the implementation of all projects is about QR10,015,000. Currently, QC's Relief Management is preparing for a huge winter campaign that will serve around 1,000,000 beneficiaries. Due to the current situation in Aleppo and the city's difficult circumstances, QC distributed 5,000 food baskets for 5,000 families through its Relief Aleppo Campaign. QC also distributed flour, baby milk and water.

In addition, QC maintained the Qatari Bakery in Idlib and Saraqeb, and helped it get back to business after its destruction. Through the Bakery, QC provided bread for displaced Syrians in Idlib. Around 40,000 people benefited from that project. On the occasion of Eid Al Adha, QC has allocated an adequate share for the countries that suffer from exceptional circumstances. For Syrians in Syria and refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, QC allocated a share of more than 1,027 sacrifices of mutton at a cost of more than QR1,027,000.

source: Qatar Tribune