Posted on April 25, 2014
Articles and research papers on public health and healthcare are attracting most of downloads and being used for references, Christopher Leonard, editorial director of Qscience, a research publication of Qatar Foundation, has said.
Talking to Qatar Tribune on the sidelines of a seminar titled 'Trends in Biomedical Research and Scholarly Publishing' on Thursday Leonard said, "most of the highly downloaded and cited topics of Qscience deal with the influence of social and cultural environments on Arab women's healthcare." Speaking during the event, Leonard pointed out that 23 percent of the published articles in Qscience are dedicated to the medical sector, which is the highest percentage of publications compared to other academic fields.
Leonard highlighted that 2013 was a record year for Qscience publications with 350 in health & biosciences out of a total of 980 research papers in all academic fields. Besides, HMC journals dominate over other health-oriented academic journals, he pointed out. However, in order to boost research publications in medical and biomedical sectors, Leonard suggested that there should be more downloads and citations of the articles. As well, he remarked that all efforts have to be exerted to make Qatar a recognised hub of health and biomedical research.

How does it feel to fly with the best ?

Meanwhile, one of the participants at the seminar pointed out that globally only 1.5 percent of scientific papers published every year originate from the Middle East. Therefore, Sidra Medical and Research Center is taking the lead in helping colleagues in Qatar and from across the region to see their research published in leading international science journals. "Sidra wanted to link the tremendous scientific expertise bred in the Middle East with the international research community and offer support to scientists in Qatar and the region to see their research shared with colleagues from around the world. Collaboration is a key success factor for any scientific endeavour and research publications are a vehicle for that," said Sidra's Chief Research Officer Dr Francesco Marincola.
Deborah Kahn, Executive Vice President at BioMed Central said,"Sidra and BioMed Central share the aims of making excellent research visible and accessible to all scientists, and we are delighted to be hosting this joint symposium with Sidra. Our editors have a wealth of expertise in science and medicine, as well as scientific research publishing and we're glad of the opportunity to share and discuss this with the delegates."