Posted on April 28, 2013

As part of Qatar Petrochemical Company’s (QAPCO) strategy to promote a culture of knowledge sharing, QAPCO recently hosted its 2nd Strategy & Balanced Scorecard Forum at the Marriot Hotel, Doha. The main aim of the forum was to share knowledge and experience with regard to Strategy Formulation, Balanced Scorecard Implementation, Strategy Execution and Enterprise Risk Management. 

Under the Auspices of Dr. Mohamed Yousef Al Mulla, Vice Chairman & CEO of QAPCO, Mr. Nasser Al Hajiri, HR & Learning Manager and Act/ Business Excellence Manager along with  the Business Excellence team organized the forum attended by a group of QAPCO management and professionals from different disciplines.

Around 40 key professionals from Industries Qatar, Qatar Petroleum, Qatofin, Asghal, Palladium Group, Corporater, RasGas, QatarGas, Qatar Steel and QAFAC also attended the forum. The representatives from Qatar Steel and RasGas shared their Strategy Execution and strategic planning process experiences.

In their forum, QAPCO introduced for the first time the technique of “Stress Test Your Strategy with War Games”. This was delivered to the attendees through an exciting presentation and a two hours workshop by a group of consultants from Palladium Group Middle East, allowing a hands-on practice of the technique for all the attendees.  The strategic objective of “Qatarization”, being a common element to the all Strategic Business Plans of the companies participating, was selected as the objective of the business war simulation. The attendees then formed 4 companies and started playing using war games techniques,  in a how to plan to attract young Qataris at the career fair simulation, in a set of two rounds.

Another key highlight of the forum was “Linking Performance Management System with Pay”, illustrated by a presentation from the QAPCO HR team, which fully caught the attention of the attendees. The theme of “Automation of Strategy Management” was developed by Corporator Middle East, “Enterprise Risk Management Journey” by QatarGas, and finally QAPCO demonstrated how they did “Link Risk Management with Strategy” with a key presentation from QAPCO Business Excellence Team.

The forum was an excellent platform to promote positive interactions, social closeness, disseminate the spirit of teamwork and sharing the industries best practices, and was praised by all attendees who walk away with some new ideas useful to their organizations in future. The attendees recommended to continue sharing progress in the fields of Strategy execution and Risk Management, for the benefit of all.

QAPCO is proud to host such useful forums, and as QAPCO is at the forefront of the state’s industrial output, being able to deliver and contributing to achieving the Qatar’s National vision 2030 is important.