Posted on October 15, 2018

In a prestigious ceremony last Thursday evening, the Ta’allum Education and Training Group held its 4th Annual ‘Staff Rewards and Recognition’ evening in the auspicious and beautiful surroundings of Katara Hall 12.

The motto for the evening was ‘Together We Make the Difference’ with the emphasis on teamwork and raising students’ educational achievement. This is all in the best interests of Qatar’s future, as expressed in H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani’s progressive and inspirational ‘Vision 2030’ for a world-class educational system that equips citizens to achieve their aspirations and to meet the needs of Qatar’s society.  Ta’allum Education’s popularity as the schools of choice for Qatari parents are underlined by oversubscription in its three current Academies and by rapid expansion. 2 new Academies are either planned or under construction. These are exciting times to be part of Ta’allum Group Education.

 It was a wonderful and positive night which celebrated the many growing achievements of the Ta’allum organisation and saluted the staff who had achieved excellence during 2017-18. During the evening a total of 180 prizes were awarded to staff in various categories, both academic and administrative. The evening commenced in traditional style with the National Anthem followed by the Holy Qu’ran recitation from Mahmoud Hamdi. Ta’allum’s commitment to promoting the very best Islamic and universal values is at the heart of all that Ta’allum represents.

The Host for the evening was Hadeel Farawi from Al Maha Boys staff who was was joined later in a surprise entrance by Ta’allum Improvement Consultant and co- host Peter Kubicki, who strangely arrived in the Hall on his bicycle! A welcome video featuring the CEO, the Education Director, and Academy Principals, Sheldon Smith, Shuja Uddin and Alison McDonald underlined the momentum of Academy improvement. Mr Ahmed Al Mannai, CEO, stressed that, with growing confidence, the leadership of the Ta’allum organisation is moving from ‘central direction to trust and a growing reliance on the initiative and creativity of its employees.’ Dr. Mohammad Saefan said “Our confidence in our employees and what they enjoyed from the efficiencies of knowledge, experience and attitudes reinforce our vision to provide a distinct and internationally accredited education with Islamic identity”.  

4th Ta’allum Awards celebrates 2 [].jpg

The first awards of the evening aptly paid tribute to the dedication and loyalty of long serving staff who had been with Ta’allum for 10 years. There were awards for staff who had helped students achieve 100% pass rates in external IGCSE and AS exams and best classes at every level from EYFS to Secondary level. There were also awards for the unsung heroes and heroines of the office staff in Finance, HR and Admin who do so much keep the organisation’s wheels turning. At every stage the tension mounted as the audience eagerly awaited the announcement of the winners.

During the course of the evening there were new and creative aspects to the ceremony such as the newly commissioned Ta’allum ‘song.’ The audience joined in with tremendous enthusiasm! Afterwards Mr. Mannai received a commemorative plaque with the words of the song engraved from Dr Shawkat Executive Director of Tarbeya.

The sheer professionalism of preparation and high quality of production values in the video technology were apparent throughout. The preparations for the ceremony were the work of the Tarbeya team, led by Nooh Abdullah. An Achievement video later captured the essence of organisation’s belief that students are at the heart of Ta’allum. One of the greatest and most wonderful strengths of the Ta’allum organisation is its global diversity with so many nations and cultures represented across the staff in the Academies. Another video entitled ‘Around the World’ paid tribute to the 58 nations represented.

4th Ta’allum Awards celebrates 3 [].jpg

Afterwards, Director of Education Dr Mohammed Saefan paid tribute to the burgeoning success of Ta’allum Education. He said ‘Ta’allum student outcomes are increasing year on year at a rapid pace and it is our aim to maintain this momentum and further build quality through robust high standards in curriculum and assessment.’ The evening reached its crescendo with the presentation of the Ta’allum ‘School of Excellence’ award by the CEO and Director of Education.  This prestigious award was for the best overall Ta’allum academy 2017-18 across all functions. Mr Shuja Uddin Principal of Al Maha Boys’ Academy proudly received the award, accompanied by many of his Senior Leader team.

The final presentations of the evening were for the prestigious CEO Awards. These were for the individual staff deemed to have had the greatest impact across their schools. The winners were Nataschia Buitendag, Deputy Head from Al Jazeera Academy KG, Pauline Carson, Head of Primary at Al Maha Academy for Girls and Mohammed Osman, Deputy Head in the Secondary School at Al Maha Academy for Boys. In Admin the CEO awarded MD Nasirul Islam for his outstanding contributions in Assessment and Data Analytics. Theirs were truly outstanding contributions.

Mr Mannai, CEO of the Ta’allum Education group, closed by saying ‘we are proud of the progress our Ta’allum schools are making. We value our staff and tonight was our way to say thank you, to promote healthy competition with clear criteria for awards success in order to motivate the staff to greater heights. I am confident the best of Ta’allum Education is yet to come.’

The evening was a triumph for all associated with the Ta’allum Group who look forward to further progress with great optimism and determination in 2018-19.