Posted on September 05, 2017

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education's 'Back to School' campaign continues its activities having attracted around 5,000 visitors since its launch a week ago, according to Hassan bin Abdullah al Mohammadi, director of public relations and communication at the ministry.

He pointed out that the Kidzmondo Doha pavilion receives a daily average of 150 visitors, while the ministry's main pavilion receives about 750 visitors daily on weekends and more than 400 visitors during weekdays. Mohammadi explained that the activities offered by the campaign aim to promote healthy food habits, prepare students for the new academic year, and promote the services provided by the ministry's YouTube channel and its 'Taalim' smartphone application. According to him, many visitors praised the convenient choice of location for this year's campaign at the Mall of Qatar.

Mohammadi stressed on the crucial role of parents in preparing their children for the new academic year and motivating them to work diligently and compete with their peers, reflecting positively on their performance and academic achievement. The Ministry called upon students, schools, parents, the media, and all partners of the educational process to participate in the campaign's activities. The campaign aspires to highlight the importance of education in developing Qatar and forming a young generation of Qataris who look forward to a bright future for their country by achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030.

source: Qatar Tribune