Posted on August 27, 2015
Efforts on updating the Building Permit System have continued persistently since its inauguration on February 2, 2014. During this period, many obstacles were removed and shortcomings were adjusted, thanks to the full support provided by the supreme authorities of the State and the cooperation of the building permit beneficiaries, such as the consultancy offices, government entities and municipalities.
This was part of the 4th workshop on developments in the building permit system. The workshop was organized by the Building Permits Complex, in coordination with the Quality Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, and discussed achievements made after the second phase of upgrading of the building permit system. The system will be effectuated through the adoption of the following: Online approval of drawings, online payment, linking applications with the Real Estate Registration Department, Lusail City projects, meetings management and organization, requests for electricity load intensification, issuance of building completion certificate, key performance indicator, review of drawing notes utilizing the (auto view) software, general notes and open discussion.
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source: Qatar Tribune, Al Sharq