Posted on February 09, 2018

The Katara Cultural Village is set to receive thousands of visitors on Tuesday who will attend the seventh edition of the National Sport Day (NSD) in which around 62 public and private sector organisations will participate.

Along thousands of people, a number of Ministries, sports federations, public and private institutions and companies will participate in Sport Day activities at Katara. A total 62 entities including 10 sports federations, 11 Ministries, 14 health institutions and 10 food companies will take part in the activities.

The details of Sport Day at Katara were shared in a press conference held yesterday and addressed by Ahmed Al Sayed, Deputy General Manager of Operations, Katara and Vice-Chairman of the Organising Committee for the Sport Day Events, Katara; Abdul Rahman Jassim Al Tamimi, Vice-Chairman of the Organising Committee for the Sport Day Events, Katara and Director of Procurement Department. Addressing to media, Ahmed Al Sayed said that Katara’s preparations for the Sport Day were complete and Katara would open its playgrounds, facilities and beach for young and adults of all nationalities to play their favourite games. 

The 7th edition of the NSD at Katara focuses on community participation which allows participation of all segments of society whether general public, athletes, children, women or persons with special needs. He said that it was in line with Katara’s efforts to spread sports awareness, promote healthy lifestyles and achieve Qatar National Vision 2030, which has made sport a vital part of the lives of every individual living in Qatar. For public there will arrangements for medical examinations and health advices. For his part, Abdul Rahman Jassim Al Tamimi said: “The number of participants in the events of the 7th edition of the Sports Day has reached 62 including both public and private sector entities.” 

He said that health and wellness facilities would attract thousands of citizens and residents to participate in this important annual event at Katara and enjoy all kinds of physical activity and sports, in a healthy and entertaining atmosphere. Al Tamimi further said that 10 sports federations including boxing, wrestling, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, rugby, kayaking etc would participate in Sport Day activities at Katara. He pointed out that there were many ministries, government bodies, companies and institutions which would hold their activities and provide various sports opportunities suitable for all ages, in addition to the participation of 24 health and food institutions and companies which would provide free counseling and other services to the visitors.

source: The Peninsula