Posted on April 18, 2014
Organisers of the third annual Senyar traditional fishing and pearl diving competition have ensured protection of marine environment at the duration of the contest. Aside from strictly following the traditional way of fishing and pearl diving, all the 59 teams should not do anything to harm the aquatic environment.
They should not leave any waste in the sea and their anchor should not touch the corals, Jihad Al Jidah, head of judging committee, adding participants are forbidden to catch some marine animals including dolphin, tortoise, swordfish and sea cow. Violations would mean either disqualification from the competition or 50kg deduction from the team’s catch. After morning prayer yesterday, the 638 participants started sailing to the sea and finished at 3pm, after which the judging panel weighed the day’s catch of each of the teams.

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Ahmed Al Hatmi, chairman of Senyar organising committee, said the weight of the fish and the oysters are kept secret and the total weight would be revealed on the final day when the winners will be officially announced. Al Hatmi added they are using flashlight system for the first time at this year’s edition of the competition. Flashlights attached to every dhow are used to give signal to the judging committee when the dhow is ready to dock on the shore for the weighing of the day’s catch.
The organising committee is providing participants different services and facilities such as fuel and water supply, electrical and mechanical technician services and first aid using speedboats. The competing teams are also regularly updated about the weather condition. The committee is always available to answer queries through radios provided to the teams. Al Jidah said all participating dhows passed all technical check-ups and are equipped with all requirements and supplies needed for four days in the sea.