Posted on October 10, 2014
About 8,000 Qatari employees from the government sector will be trained by 2015 at the Institute of Public Administration under the Ministry of Administrative Development, said The Peninsula.
The training is part of the Institutes training programme for the year 2014- 2015 that was launched recently after the institute shifted to its new headquarters at the ministry in Dafna area, reported local Arabic daily Al Watan. This year’s training is putting emphasis on upgrading and career development whether working as a civil servant or in other administrative roles for male and female Qatari staff. The Institute revealed that it is offering training through a series of workshops, scientific meetings and conference to be organised throughout the year. The training will have two main benefits to the government staffs.
The first one being polishing the management skills of Qatari staff that they can be able to organise as well as being in control of their businesses while the second one includes offering specialised skills that enable them perform with a high degree of perfection and quality with self confidence, that they should be able to take on leadership positions.
The programme is a directive of the ministry of administrative development to ensure that government staffs at different levels are equipped with good administrative and finance skills. Among the programs to be offered were the financial courses for staffs from Grade 1 to Grade 11, this course will have about 18 various programs for different grades and will equip the trainee staffs with adequate financial knowledge to play the roles of supervisors and executives.

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Another programme is for Human Resources management and this will have about 44 programmes including secretarial and office management, public relations, media relations, legal affairs among others. The Institute has also announced that it has updated its training materials to include cases and practical studies that serve as models of the real work world. They have also recruited a sufficient number of trainers that will meet the requirements of the trainees.
According to a plan document of the Institute for this year received by the Local daily, this was the first year the institute had issued a systematic training plan with a methodology and contents of different programs and how they will be implemented. Among the objectives of the plan is to respond to the training needs of all categories of Qatari employees especially in the field of finance. The plan also lists the names of trainees and their subsequent dates of training and have them informed before the exact dates to make proper preparations to attend the programmes training.