Posted on September 04, 2011

The number of abandoned vehicles around the Woqod Vehicles Inspection (Fahes) complex at Street 24 in the Industrial Area seems to have reached an all-time high. Vehicles discarded after accidents and those found unfit by Fahes can be found dumped all around the facility’s compound. Many of them have been ripped open by ‘scavengers’ in search of spare parts.

Gauging by the thick layers of dust coating some of the vehicles, one gets the impression that they have been there for months. The comparatively less dusty ones are new additions obviously. They range from four-wheelers to flatbeds, sports cars to pickups and school buses.

Undated stickers by the Doha Municipality have been pasted on some vehicles, deeply buried under layers of dust, warning the owners to pick them up within “three days of the notice” or the public cleaning section will be forced to follow the relevant law - Law 8 of 1974, it notes.

As a matter of procedure, the public cleaning section at the Doha Municipality can only stick warning notices on abandoned vehicles. It is for the Traffic Department to tow them to the junkyard.

source: Gulf Times

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