Posted on September 15, 2016
Abattoirs of Doha Central Market received some 16,000 sacrificial animals during past three days of Eid Al-Adha.
“So far, only 65 animals were destroyed after they were found unfit for human consumption. It means about 99.5 percent of animals were healthy, said Dr. Ahmad Kamal, a veterinary doctor inspecting animals pre- and-post-slaughtering at the abattoirs. “The slaughterhouses at the Central Market are expected to sacrifice 25,000 animals during the four days of Eid holidays. Charity organisations received 2,700 slaughtered sacrificial animals from the abattoirs on the third day yesterday. The remaining abattoirs at the Central Market slaughtered 2,300 animals on Wednesday.
“The number of sacrificial animals for charity organisations are expected to increase on the fourth day today. The automated abattoir is serving charity organisations on the last two days.” The slaughterhouse at Al Khor-Al Zakhira Municipality scarified 323 animals in the  past three days. Only one animal was found unfit for human consumption and destroyed by the veterinary doctor from the Health Monitoring Unit of the municipality, Al Sharq reports.
source: The Peninsula