Posted on September 21, 2018

With his uncanny vocal resemblance to the legendary Frank Sinatra, acclaimed British actor and singer Richard Shelton (pictured), is set to captivate the audience at the sold-out concert dubbed “Music of Frank Sinatra.”

The Los Angeles-based artist will be performing with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra tomorrow night at Abdul Aziz Nasser Theatre in Souq Waqif. He will regale musicophiles as he sings a repertoire of Sinatra hits which made him famous internationally having been nominated Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance as Frank Sinatra in the hard-hitting drama ‘Rat Pack Confidential.’ “They can expect to, perhaps, experience what it might have been like to have seen him, so I’ll evoke some of his characteristics and personality,” Shelton said in an exclusive interview with The Peninsula.

Shelton’s long showbiz career spans theatre, film, television and music but says he prefers singing to acting. A life without music for me would be inconceivable. I couldn’t live. I think you can touch people and you can just explore human conditions through music and through song. I love it,” he said.

About 15 years ago, he played Sinatra in a very big dark play about the lives of five men in the Rat Pack, that was Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. “ it was a look behind the blue eyes of Frank Sinatra to see what really motivated him, what made him so mercurial- one minute he could be happy, the next minute he could be dangerous, then the next minute he could be full of romance and love. It was a very colourful, interesting, complicated character,” Shelton related on how he started playing Sinatra.

Among Sinatra’s songs he considers “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning” his favourite. “It’s such a sad song, it’s about the loss of a love affair and its simplicity combined with Frank Sinatra’s interpretation for me is an absolutely magical moment, beautiful,” he said. With his stellar career, Shelton considers singing for the British royal family at Windsor Castle and playing for Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London, where some of the greatest musicians have performed, as some of the highlights of his music career. This will be the second time for Shelton to perform in Qatar. “ It’s so exciting. It’s so interesting to see such a new country develop so quickly. It’s a thrill to be back,” he said.

The Qatar Philharmonic along with other guest artists will be under the baton of musician-comedian Rainer Hersch. “It would be a great show with lots of things in it. We have not only the amazing sound of the orchestra but we have great soloists. I’m going to do some comedy with the orchestra and will be hosting a little bit. It’s a lot of things, so people will have a great time,” he said.

This is the first time Hersch is working with Shelton. To prepare for the concert, Hersch said he listened to Sinatra’s recordings to get to know his amazing style. Hersch has already featured in a number of shows in Doha as standup comedian, but he said he now focuses more on music. “I do much music now than I do comedy, but I’ll do comedy with the orchestra. We’ll have some funny moments in the show ,” he said. Tomorrow’s concert will also feature Martin Breinschmid (percussion), David Pulphus (double bass), Richard D. Johnson (piano), Ralph Peterson (drum), Shenel Jons (vocals) and the Qatar Youth Choir.

source: The Peninsula