Posted on September 27, 2016

Aspetar, the world renowned Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine hospital in Qatar, successfully brought together a  number of the world’s leading sports medicine experts on Thursday as it concluded the Aspetar-ACSM Symposium on New Developments in Sports Medicine in Doha.

Organised in partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the symposium brought together field experts from Aspetar and the USA to exchange knowledge and participate in a range of panel discussions. The one-day event, which took place at Aspetar’s Auditorium, featured award-winning US Primary Care Sports Physicians Dr. Bill Dexter (pictured), in addition to Dr. Rob Johnson, Dr. Robert Sallis and Dr. Bert Fields. Together with a faculty of experts from Aspetar, they tackled issues around Ethics, Decision-making, Teamwork, Common Injury Management, and Medical Considerations in Athlete Care.

ACSS and Aspetar experts exchange 2 [].jpg

Commenting on the event, Dr. Mohammed Ghaith Al Kuwari, Acting Director General of Aspetar, said: “We are pleased to welcome so many internationally acclaimed experts in the field of sports medicine in our symposium.  Not only did this event serve as a platform to connect participants during the lecture presentations and panel discussions, it also helped enrich our doctors’ knowledge on topics related to ethical considerations facing doctors, and latest technological advances to treat common sports injuries.” Dr. Bill Dexter, former ACSM President, and recipient of the Maine Governor’s Council on Physical Activity Lifetime Achievement Award as well as the EATA Moyer Award, said: “Aspetar has shown time-and-time again its commitment to strengthen collaboration among medical professionals and to aid in the exchange of knowledge between experts in the field. This event was no exception, and we look forward for the continuation of the collaboration between ACSM and Aspetar.”

The symposium was organised in line with Aspetar’s commitment to provide the world’s best integrated medical education and training to its staff and participants, helping clinicians practice at the highest level of sports medicine and improve athletes’ health and performance.

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