Posted on May 14, 2015

Advanced Construction and Technology Services (ACTS), a consulting organization in the field of construction materials and geotechnical engineering, revealed that it has developed a sophisticated software application seen to make a big impact on the construction industry. 

Since its establishment in 1996, ACTS has been a pioneer in achieving technological advancements in the materials and geo-engineering fields, all of which are critical to meeting evolving demands of the burgeoning construction industry. With concrete as the primary foundation of aggressive infrastructure developments, ACTS took the initiative to develop the “ACTS Online Concrete Pouring & Quality Control System”, a web-based application for construction materials testing. The company has dedicated a team of Researchers, Software Engineers, Electronics and Communication Engineers, and Mechatronic Engineers for the development of the digital application, said to be the most innovative solution today in the field of concrete. 

ACTS moves forward with 2 [].jpgThe ACTS Online Concrete Pouring & Quality Control System is a breakthrough quality control program designed to track, evaluate and capture data for construction materials testing. Compared to the old conventional way of data gathering, this application tracks, analyses and captures field-related work in real time, eliminating the need for paper-based recording and data transposition, therefore reducing the risk of human error. In addition, the results are made available online for easy reference and reports are auto-generated.

Being the first to use such technology in the world, ACTS is implementing the software to a number of Middle East’s megaprojects where it has secured testing contracts, including King Abdulaziz International Airport, the Riyadh Metro Project, and Kingdom Tower, the world’s first kilometre-high skyscraper currently under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As well as these, ACTS has also used the testing software for B11 Residences and Waterfront City, both located in Lebanon.

Engr. Khaled Awad, Chairman of ACTS, said, “ACTS has been incredibly responsive and attentive to the needs of times. The region has been in the midst of unprecedented infrastructure development and in light of the continuing transformation with complex megaprojects being built, the most important thing is reliability to achieve these critical milestones. We continue to look for opportunities to innovate and so we move to this level of cutting-edge technology, the kind of computer-based testing that delivers fast, accurate and precise data and improves turnaround times for engineering and construction projects.”

The Online Concrete Pouring & Quality Control System boasts three technological advancements: Operations Features, Concrete Quality Control Features, and Advanced and Automated Features. Operations Features has Web-Based Site Progress Monitoring, Concrete Truck Online Monitoring System, Pump Allocation and Online Monitoring System, GPS Vehicle Tracking System, Temperature Tracking System – Vehicles, and Mobile Concrete Laboratory (MCL). Included in the Concrete Quality Control Features are Site Tests (Fresh Concrete Tests and Online Results and Advanced Shotcrete Online Application), Laboratory Tests (Laboratory Tests and Online Results and Laboratory Management System), and Advanced Control Center and Technical Support. Under Advanced & Automated Features are Automated Slump Test Application, Virtual VSI Application, Advanced Rheology Application, and Advanced Thermo Crones Application.