Posted on March 19, 2020

Qatar University’s different department students have started to adjust with new Virtual Learning system and find the system safety insuring during the rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in State of Qatar.

Earlier, The Government Communications Office announced, the suspension of classes in public and private schools and universities for all students in Qatar, to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and to ensure the safety of students in all public and private educational institutions.

Due to remarkable commitment of QU’s management students have started to enjoy E-Learning system which ensures their privacy. Lectures are being held regularly and are easily accessible for all students. Till now more than 500 classes have been held and more than 1500 hours are spent on the virtual learning system through ‘BlackBoard’ portal. Juman Badran, Student of Mass Communication Department at QU said, “The distance learning system that was implemented a short time turns out to be successful because of the fast adaptation. The professors have been very cooperative during the current situation. The interaction between us and professor is not as strong as of we have in classroom but if we have any questions our professor allows us to ask the question and discuss the difficulties we are facing.”

On other hand students praised the hard work and efficient decision making of University’s management. QU has strived to provide best facilities to all the colleges and students with special needs. “It is highly beneficial and we do appreciate all the efforts The Government and University put to ensure the students health. There are few technical problems that occur sometimes but we manage to attend our lecture and make it a smooth conversation, said Malaz Hamed, Student of Industrial and Systems Engineering at QU. He further mentioned that the system should be continued in future as it will benefit the students and it is the best way to use technology. “This is the new E-World, we should appreciate the efforts which are made by our University,” he added.

Nageh Ibrahim Alsayyad, Another student from Computer Engineering Department at QU praised the new E-Learning system and encouraged his class fellows to continue hard working through this portal. “Being a student of Engineering we sometimes require more interaction to explore our subject but due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus we have to limit our selves at home and we hope this comes to an end and we continue our normal University life again soon,” he added.

It has now become the alternative way of delivering the lectures at QU, this system helps students have interactive communication with professors. This technique also allows students to ask questions by voice recording and writing. This system aims to enrich academic experience at Qatar University.