Posted on September 10, 2019

Adjudicators Academy organized by QatarDebate Center (QD) a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), in collaboration with Kuwait National Debate Team and sponsored by Youth News Network in Kuwait, took place on September 4. The Four-day event featured 54 participants from various educational institutions in Kuwait.

Badr Al-Shatti (pictured), Ambassador of QD Center in Kuwait, said “that the Adjudicators Academy generally serves the developments of adjudication mechanisms, emphasized the importance of the role played by the academy in developing the participants capability, debate skills, and Adjudicating debate, in addition, to contribute in adjudication sessions and judge in the open tournaments which organized by the National Debate Team in Kuwait”, noting that “ some of the adjudicators are qualified to be accredited judges locally and internationally and they could be chairpersons in the international debate tournaments that organized by the QatarDebate Center”.

Commenting on “Adjudicators Academy” Al Shatti said that participation in the Adjudicators Academy is an important station for us, not only due to the information acquired and experiences gained but in the feeling of being part of a team promoting the art of debate in our society.