Posted on March 24, 2015

The Center for Advanced Materials (CAM) concluded the 9th cycle of the “I am A Researcher” module in Al Bairaq Program last Wednesday at Qatar University (QU). The closing ceremony witnessed the participation of three high schools in Qatar in the presence of CAM Director Dr. Mariam Al-Maadeed, Al-Bairaq supervisor and CAM External Affairs Manager Dr. Noora Al-Thani and the participated students.

“I am a Researcher” is one of Al Bairaq  track that targets students in grade 12. It provides students with hands-on research experience by working on research projects with Qatar University professors in many disciplines, where students are treated as research assistants rather than high school students. Students gain a broader experience on their field of interest and know more about their career future. “I am a Researcher” is a remarkable testimony for QU’s research, social and counseling endeavors which go in line with QNV 2030.

The 9th cycle of the “I am A Researcher” module witnessed the participation of UNESCO Doha Office (partner), the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science (partner), RasGas (platinum sponsor), Maersk Oil Qatar (gold sponsor), Qatar Shell (silver sponsor). 14 students from 3 different high schools successfully submitted five researches covering important topics related to the Qatari industrial field and the oil and gas sector.

In her remarks, CAM Director Dr. Mariam Al-Maadeed said: “Al Bairaq program contributes to fostering scientific development by promoting scientific culture and research, which raises its value as a means of knowledge to solve problems and achieve a sustainable development. It aims to increase the awareness of high school national students about all scientific and technological changes in Qatar and the world. The program provides the participated students with fundamental skills and abilities that prepare them for university life and opens up their minds to all fields of science”.

Dr. Al-Maadeed declared that the 9th cycle of the “I am A Researcher” module witnessed researches addressing different topics such as recycling, protecting gas and oil pipelines from corrosion, desalinating seawater using eco-materials, and many others. “The program plays important role in preparing our high school students for their new academic life in Qatar University by teaching them how to be self-confident when conducing researches and dealing with labs equipments and executing all security and safety procedures” Dr. Al-Maadeed added.

Al Bairaq concludes the 9th 2 [].jpgFeryal Khan from UNESCO said: “CAM supervisors and their efforts helped developing students’ scientific and research talents and unlocking their academic and career potentials. Students showed punctual and promising performance when presenting their research ideas. No doubt, Al Bairaq program is a powerful research generator that attracts high school students and engage them in different research areas. It is also a bridge that links the Qatari society with industry”. 

Mr. Mohammad Ismail, supervisor of “Hilali group” said: “We worked side by side with students and provided them with ultimate support and guidance to excel in their projects. We witnessed noticeable improvements in students’ performance throughout the cycle. They were excited and motivated to produce valuable researches that could make positive change in the field of industry and oil and gas”. 

Abdul-rahman Mubarak Al Mansoori from Omar Bin Khatab Independent High School for Boys said and a participant in “I am a researcher” said: “We worked on our project for two months to test the efficiency of “triazole” as an anti-corrosion material for oil and gas pipelines. This experience is a life-changing one because it allows me and other participant to know more about the oil and gas companies and their working techniques in transferring oil and gas”.

Maha Ali Al Khalaf from Al Eman Independent High School for Girls said: “In our research, we designed a moveable and demountable bridge that could play an important role in reducing traffic in construction areas. This experience enabled us to acquire important skills such as critical thinking, group work, project management skills and others”. The “Diabetes group” from Omar Bin Khatab Independent High School for Boys won the first place for both the best presentation and documentary. The best corporative teacher award won by Hiba Hussain and Rasha Redwan from Al Eman Independent High School for Girls. The Academic Researcher at CAM Dr. Yahia Hussein Shoeb won the best teacher in the 9th cycle of “I am a Researcher”.