Posted on April 10, 2011

Al Dana savings scheme declared the winners of the first draw prizes for 2011. The supreme pioneering scheme which was first launched in the year 2004 has preserved the upmost credibility throughout the years and essentially suited Qatar as the finest savings program ever. On March 8th, 2011, Al Dana pronounced the first 10 winners of QR 20,220 of a series of 11 draws to be conducted all the way through the year giving away a total of QR 2,224,200 to 110 Doha Bank customers. Also, Al Dana gold delivered the first 2022 grams of gold inaugurating a series of sensationally engaging gold prizes of 20.22 kilograms of gold all through the year.

Al Dana the one sure capital guaranteed investment tool is the excellent money multiplier savings account in Qatar. Obviously, Al Dana never ceases to amaze customers with dynamic programs dedicated to reward them in realizing their dreams. Al Dana’s sensational prizes are all in responsiveness to customers’ loyalty and gusto, which in its turn was reflected in the success of Al Dana scheme throughout the past seven years. Yes, this year the challenge is even spicier with a program that drives towards the year 2022.

In excitement, Mr. H. Ahmed the winner of the 2022 grams of gold said, "I am delighted to be the first winner this year. Now, I will unquestionably invest more in Al Dana in aspiration of winning the biggest prizes of the year. On the occasion, I would recommend my family and friends to invest in Al Dana to feel the upsurge of excitement that I usually have at every draw."

Equally, each of the 10 cash winners of QR 20,220 were happy to win shortly with the launch of the program for the year 2011. Once more, Al Dana the definite household name substantiates to be indisputably the finest in delivering the promise and up to the minute. Noticeably, the frequently occurring draws will announce many impending pleased and fortunate winners this year.

For the record and as customary, Al Dana rewards loyalty, and this year won’t be an exception. The more you invest and the longer you maintain your account, Al Dana awards you with upgraded bonus chances to win bigger and better prizes. Al Dana loyalty scheme increases your folds of winning for the balance you uphold across the year. Basically, if you maintain your balance across the year, you chances for winning are amplified 11 folds in addition to your normal eligibility chances.

Correspondingly, to add to the savor of the scheme which addresses even the young savers, Al Dana young savers account with as little as QR 500 will exclusively reward young customers with the chance of winning laptops, video games and more in addition to the cash prizes.

Mr. R. Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank Group, said during the event: "Al Dana draws are supervised by the Consumer Protection, Ministry of Trade and Business, which proves to ensure as always the fair and transparent practices of Al Dana Draws. This is only the start of an exhilarating year, the sooner you save in Al Dana, better are the chances of you winning, with a collective more than QR 10 million prizes to be distributed.."

Whilst delivering the prizes Mr. Louis Scotto, Head of Retail Banking at Doha Bank said, "Al Dana Scheme, will be amassed with exceptional incentives throughout the year in celebration of the year 2022."

He added "We invite All Doha Bank customers and non-current customers to take part in Al Dana 2011. Don’t miss the chances of winning as the excitement has just begun. Come invest today to be amongst the QR 20,220 winners in April 2011. Don’t hesitate, go visit any Doha Bank branch or call Hello Doha on 44456000 today."

source: Doha Bank