Posted on January 04, 2019

Chief Executive Officer of Qatari company for labour recruitment (WIZA) Hussein Ali Al Hababi affirmed that the goal behind setting up the company was to provide skilled domestic workers (on temporary basis) to Qatari families and the families of residents according to their need and demand. He added that the company will provide trained and temporary domestic workers to meet any shortage at fixed, appropriate and legal prices.

Talking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), the CEO of the Qatari company for labour recruitment said that the company will train and qualify domestic workers through various training programs in the field of basic technical skills, occupational safety and awareness of the privacy of the community in order for them to be able to meet the needs of the beneficiaries and in accordance with the highest standards. He pointed out that WIZA will provide services using modern technology to facilitate the process of request services, as the operation of the company will be overseen by a group of qualified young Qatari cadres.

The company will support the private sector in the country through its integrated work with the recruitment offices and related companies. Its shares will be offered for nationals through public offering in the next few period in accordance with the company’s articles of association.