Posted on October 22, 2014

Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) Q.S.C., one of Qatar's leading banks, recently hosted an International Property Investment Seminar in collaboration with the leading property investment company IP Global.

The seminar, outlined IP Global strategies and answered related questions, thus providing al khaliji customers with a unique prospect to understand the opportunities, locations and benefits of building a real estate portfolio. The International Property Investment Seminar took place at the W Hotel, and discussed various topics such as Why Real Estate?, Real Estate vs. Other asset classes?, Europe vs. US vs. Australia, and IP Global services including mortgages and lettings.

al khaliji hosted IP Global 2 [].jpgBeing aware that Real Estate has always been a favored asset class for investors because of both the potential capital gains over time and rental revenue, al khaliji offers through its partnership with IP Global customers an exclusive opportunity to invest in international real estate as an asset class and not simply as a trophy acquisition or a second home. The opportunity consists of using leverage (mortgage) to build up a real estate portfolio over a period of time which  may lead to healthy capital gains and/or steady rental incomes.

al khaliji's partnership with IP Global dates back to earlier this year. The unique tie-up has allowed the bank's customers access to a range of exclusive investment opportunities in a variety of international markets, in addition to al khaliji’s existing award winning products and services. al khaliji’s expanding branch and ATM network has significantly increased its access to the Qatar market, plus with its additional branches in the UAE and France it is able to offer a greater Global feel, while IP Global offers a full-service approach to real estate investment globally that is built on extensive market research and analysis.