Posted on January 31, 2019

Come weekends and Al Khor Sports Complex starts humming with activities of bachelor Asian expatriate workers these days. Boasting of free WiFi, free cinema at open theatres, a number of eateries, sprawling playground and spacious sitting areas, the complex is a favourite haunt with workers during winter. 

On weekends, workers start thronging the complex right from the morning as they bask in the sunshine while enjoying free WIFI to connect with friends and families, or simply trying a hand at some game. The complex remains full of workers even during late nights. According to sources, more than 25,000 blue collars visit the complex on weekends.

The complex aims at encouraging expatriate workers to adopt a healthy lifestyle offering a football ground, volleyball court, basketball court, kabaddi field and a cricket ground. The eateries at the complex are another major attraction for expatriate workers residing in labour camps surrounding the complex. The outlets are offering special winter snacks for customers these days. Talking to Qatar Tribune, the manager of a cafeteria in the area said: “The population of expatriate workers in this area has more than doubled in the last two years. Now, most of the eateries have their own regular customers.” He added: “Workers from surrounding labour camps have formed football, cricket and volleyball teams and organise friendly matches almost every weekend.”

The Qatar National Day celebrations held at Al Khor Workers Complex recently attracted a large number of people including women and children. A footballer said, “Al Khor Workers Sports Complex has become a hub of entertainment and sports activities for workers from different countries in Qatar.” Sociocultural organisations that promote cultural activities among workers have also become active in Al Khor, he added. A Sri Lankan worker said, “Al Khor Workers Sports Complex is a platform for different expatriate communities to share their rich traditions of art and culture with one another. Informal gatherings of different cultural groups and performance are a regular activity at the complex during weekends.”

source: Qatar Tribune