Posted on July 20, 2016
Al Meera has donated QR300,000 to Qatar Charity (QC) to support QC's community development projects at home and abroad. The amount was raised from the Dirhams Donation Service launched through cashiers at 41 Al Meera branches in Qatar.
A large number of people donate the remaining dirhams while purchasing at the 41 Al Meera branches under the scheme while the donated coins are added to customer billings and accredited to the QC account. It is noteworthy that the value of donations collected since the beginning of this year, under the scheme, reached around QR75,000. In 2015, the donations reached around QR230,000. The donation comes as a part of a wider contribution facilitated by a series of agreements between QC and malls since 2012.
Executive Director for Local Development in Qatar Charity Ali Atiq al Abdullah stated that the continuation of this project testifies the impact of the donations 'even if it is little'. Abdullah praised and thanked Al Meera for their continuous contributions to QC for humanitarian and charitable work. Last Ramadan, Al Meera had provided six additional sites to QC for donation collection making it easier for the donors to donate. Abdullah added that the money collected was devoted to QC's food and water projects at home and abroad.
For his part, Executive Vice President of Al Meera Mira, Dr Mohammed Nasser al Qahtani, said:"Our partnership with Qatar Charity is of much interest to us as we consider it important for institutions to have synergies between them in order to spread innovative giving concepts. At Al Meera, we always strive to achieve balance between our work in the retail sector and our duty towards the less fortunate groups around us, and are always ready to renew cooperation with Qatar Charity and other humanitarian institutions to extend a helping hand to those in need of it."
Donors can easily contribute to the project at different branches of Al Meera by asking the cashiers to add a donation with the change value to their bills. Donations made at all sale points are collected and transferred by the end of each month to QC.
source: Qatar Tribune