Posted on January 21, 2015

In line with its strategic expansion plan in the Qatari Market manifested by the establishment of new malls in various areas alongside the already existing supermarkets, and in commitment to Qatar's National Vision 2030, Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Q.S.C) continues to realize its motto “Your Favourite Neighbourhood Retailer”, as witnessed during a media tour to Al Azizia, Muraikh and Muaither branches.

The company is done with the construction phase and is currently finalizing in-store preparations such as shelving and displaying grocery items for these ready-to-open branches at Muaither (Land area 4912 sqm), Al Azizia (Land area 3250 sqm) and Muraikh (Land area 13554 sqm) areas, while the opening of seven other branches will follow during the first quarter of this year. The new Al Meera stores will have an innovative look and feel reflecting its commitment to fulfill all consumers' needs wherever they are in Qatar.

Maintaining its ongoing quest to be part of the development course and growth leaps in the State of Qatar, guided by the Leadership’s Vision based on human, social, economic, and environmental development, Al Meera is seeking to inaugurate 24 new stores inside and outside Doha by the end of 2015, consisting of the highest quality standards and the latest modern equipment. In order to achieve a wider spread that satisfies its customers, the company will be opening new malls in Jeryan Nejaima, Thakhira,Al Wakra, Al Thumama, Al Wajba and RawdatEkdeem,alongside the 3 stores in Al Aziza, Muaither and Muraikh, as well as a branch at a rented property in the Gulf Mall during the first quarter.

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Al Meera is working in its full potential to get the construction phase of its 14 malls accomplished by 2015. The malls will be opening, according to four innovative designs, in Sailiya North, Umm Salal, Leabaib 1, Leabaib 2, Bu Sidra, Al Wakra2, Rawdat Aba El-Herran, Azghawa, Al Khor, Um Qarn, Rawdat Al Hamama, Jeryan Junaihat, Al Sailiya, and Ain Khaled.

Commenting on the occasion, Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Qahtani, Deputy CEO of Al Meera, said: "The opening of new branches proves our ongoing quest for excellence and our aim to stay close to our customers wherever they are.This comes in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, the primary source of inspiration that motivates us to achieve our strategy which consists of the expansion of our stores based on innovative and modern standards that meet the needs of our customers in various regions of the state."

"This event reflects the aspirations of a large class of our customers in this growing market and it is also a confirmation of our commitment to provide the best services to our customers and all the possible means of comfort by expanding into areas where they live, ensuring that they enjoy a unique shopping experience in each of our different branches," Al Qahtani added.

Al Azizia ,Muaither&Muraikh

The upcoming 3 openings for Al Meera stores are inspired by the modern shopping concept represented at Legtaifiya branch providing the best possible services in a state-of-the-art design model that meets international standards of retail sale  and suitable for the requirements of contemporary markets. The 3 new stores extended on only one ground floor and including several outlets as shops and restaurants in addition to parking lots around the mall's building, will be receiving Al Meera customers soon.

Like other Al Meera branches, the consumers will find everything they need from food items, such as fruits and vegetables, dairy, various kinds of bread, fresh and frozen meat and chicken, cereals, juices, canned goods and other products. Al Meera also offers its clienteles cleaning materials and kitchen utensils, and other items, as well exclusive products available only in Al Meera branches, under the label "Al Meera" and "Casino”.

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Al Meera Quality and Freshness

The new branches will offer fruit and vegetables, with local and imported varieties, as well as an increased and imported assortment of groceries. Al Meera Fruit and Vegetables are specially selected and sourced at the very finest producers both locally and internationally. Being imported, items are flown in by air on daily basis to ensure optimum freshness and quality. The transportation of the produce is kept to the highest possible standards and refrigerated at every stage of the journey. All products are carefully sorted further upon arrival at the store to guarantee the utmost quality.

Ongoing Expansion plan

The distinctive feature of Al Azizia, Muaither and Muraikh branches, which turns the shopping experience into a unique practice, also appears through the goods’ display following international standards. Al Meera uses globally acclaimed "wire shelves" manufactured in Germany and which are rust and rot resistant.The world-class shelves installed by Al Meera, highly reflect the Qatari company’s keenness to offer the best products display to its customers; good-looking and well-spaced shelves would definitely encourage customers to enjoy an extended visit in Al Meera retail stores.

In addition, the company is keen on providing high-quality hygiene services in the 3 new branches as in all its stores, in order to preserve a unique service to its consumers. Al Meera conducts cleaning operations using the latest methods and procedures that ensure a high level of hygiene. In addition, Al Meera will also be providing, at the new stores an additional facility of self-service sections, where customers can shop for meat, fish and some snacks directly, which makes shopping easier and faster.

The goal of Al Meera’s expansion, benefitting shareholders and consumers, is to provide an Al Meera outlet to all consumers wherever they are in Qatar. In parallel, Al Meera continues to rehabilitate its old branches and maintain them to fully transfer to the new innovative concept. This new modern and contemporary concept is designed by international companies and meet the Qatari market requirements.