Posted on July 03, 2015

Masraf Al Rayan was crowned champion of the Aspire Banks Tournament after scoring six goals against Commercial Bank in an exciting match between the two sides on Thursday evening. The two teams met for the final of the Aspire Banks Football Tournament, organised by Aspire Zone Foundation, at the indoor pitch in Aspire Dome. The match brings to a close this first edition of the Aspire Banks Football Tournament.

Mr. Hussain Al-Qahtani, Corporate Communications Manager at Aspire Zone Foundation said: “The great atmosphere both of this game and those we have seen throughout the whole tournament highlight the success of our efforts to bring different members of the community closer together. This tournament gave employees in the banking sector the opportunity to meet their fellow colleagues in the industry and interact with them in a sports setting. The tournament also gave us the chance to help banking employees break away from the daily routine of office work and get onto the pitch for some fitness and activity, and we have made every effort to lay on this event for them. We would like to thank all the teams that participated in the tournament, and congratulate Masraf Al Rayan for being crowned the winner.”

Commenting on the organisation of the tournament, Mr. Mohamed Abdul Salam Mursal General Manager, Financial Controls at Masraf Al Rayan, said: “I would like to thank Aspire Zone Foundation for organising this amazing tournament. We are delighted to see employees from Qatar’s banks participating in a competition like this during the Holy Month, engaging in healthy activity. We hope that these activities and events continue beyond Ramadan.”

Al Rayyan trumps Commercial 2 [].jpgMohammed Obaidat, a player for Masraf Al Rayan commented on the victory by saying: “The competition we faced in reaching the final was very strong and all the participating teams have demonstrated great skill. But as a result of our collective effort and hard work we were able to come out on top. I would like to thank Aspire Zone Foundation for organising this excellent event and look forward to similar such events in the future.” 

Commercial Bank reached the finals after a deserved 5 – 0 win against Barwa Bank in the first round, and then successfully defeating Qatar Development Bank in the semi-finals. For their part, Masraf Al Rayyan made it to the finals following two wins against Qatar National Bank, both in the first round and then again in the semi-finals. Mr. Ali Al-Fehaida, Acting Director General, Aspire Logistics awarded tournament cups and medals to both teams.

The Aspire Banks Tournament was held for the first time this year as part of the Aspire Ramadan Sports Festival and featured eight teams in total with teams being eliminated on a knock-out basis. The tournament was played on the indoor football pitch in the Aspire Dome over a period of ten days, taking place after Taraweeh prayers. It was wholly organised by Aspire Zone Foundation who provided the venues, referees and all the necessary logistics as part of the organisation’s efforts to increase community participation in its Sports programme.

Al Rayyan trumps Commercial 3 [].jpgLaunch of the men’s basketball and men’s volleyball tournaments

Thursday also marked the launch of the Aspire Men’s Basketball tournament featuring a total of 12 teams, split into four groups. Group A is made up of Al Shaqab, Kobayon Express and Avengers. Group B is made up of Cluich, Philippines disak and Spurs. Group C is made up of Doha Ballars, Chevrolet and Batang Aspire. Group D is made up of Lucky 7, alwaysyoung and Team Draeh. On the opening day, four games were played. Kobayon Express defeated Al Shaqab, Cluich defeated Philippines disak, Doha Ballars defeated Chevrolet and Lucky 7 defeated Alwaysyoung.

The Aspire Men’s Volleyball tournament also launched on Thursday with a total of eight teams split into two groups. Group A is made up of Qatar University, Voli Q, Qatar Team, and Kabayan Express. Whilst Group B is made up of QPM, Palaboys, Semaisma, and Plu demigods. Four matches were played on the opening day. In the Group A games, Voli Q defeated Kabayan express, and Qatar University defeated Qatar Team. In Group B, Palaboys defeated Plu demigods and QPM defeated Semaisma.

Ahmad Younes and Abdullah Adam, both players for Qatar Team, explained how happy they were to participate in the tournament and explained that Qatar Team has a number of professional players in a bid to win the tournament. They added that they were very impressed by the tournament put on by the Aspire Zone Foundation, stating that it has become the best competition organised during Ramadan.