Posted on February 12, 2017

The Public Works Authority opened Al Tarfa Street completely to traffic movement at the dawn of Sunday, 12 February, after completing works of laying the final asphalt course which began two days ago, from the morning of last Thursday to 4:00 AM of Sunday.

This opening marks the completion of an important part of the project to develop the roads surrounding Internal Security forces (ISF) camp in Al Duhail. The project includes developing the roads surrounding the Internal Security forces (ISF) camp in Al Duhail from three directions (North, East, and South) to accommodate the traffic movement in the area, in addition to constructing and developing five intersections.

The project comprises a wide range of infrastructure development works in the area; not only to widen the roads and increasing the number of lanes, but also to provide service roads, car parking areas, and a surface water drainage system (for storm water). This is in addition to implementing micro-tunneling works for drainage networks, and providing utility infrastructure for electricity and communications as well as an Intelligent Transport Systems and other works.

Al Tarfa Street opened [].jpg

A large part of the project’s main works has been completed until now. At the beginning of 2016, Lebaib Roundabout was converted to a signalised intersection, in addition to converting Jeryan Nejaima Roundabout, near the North Atlantic College, to a signalised intersection. In July 2016, Ashghal opened the Arab League Street, which formed a main part of the project. In addition, works on Duhail Street were completed in the direction from Jeryan Nejaima Intersection to Al Shamal Road, to increase the number of lanes to three lanes, in mid-December 2016.

Currently, micro-tunneling works of a sewage network in Duhail Street are underway. The project is expected to be completed in Q2, 2017.