Posted on February 16, 2016

Aimed at strengthening each other’s capabilities in their respective core activities, the Al Faisal Without Borders Foundation (ALF) and Qatar Voluntary Centre have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will facilitate the sharing of skills and knowledge in training between the two organizations. In addition, under the terms of the MoU, Qatar Voluntary Centre will provide the ALF Foundation with volunteers. In exchange, the ALF Foundation will conduct training to the volunteers and provide them with all details about the events they are participating in before deploying them.

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“The ALF Foundation remains steadfast in pursuing and achieving our aspiration of being a leading global humanitarian organization,” said Abdullatif Al-Yafei, General Manager of the ALF Foundation. “Together with Qatar’s goal of realizing sustainable economic growth and prosperity for its citizens and residents as contained in the country’s National Vision 2030 Plan, we aim to significantly contribute in the attainment of such objectives by developing, employing and managing quality projects that enhance education, healthcare, youth enablement, entrepreneurship, charity and corporate social responsibility. In doing so, we also believe in collaborating with other entities in the country such as Qatar Voluntary Centre in order to collectively strengthen our capacities and realize our common objectives.” 

The MoU represents a landmark agreement between two respected entities in Qatar as it marks the first time that two organizations involved in humanitarian and volunteer work have teamed up in pursuit of noble causes. Commenting on the MoU, Mrs. Aisha Jassim Al-Kuwari, Chairman of the Qatar Voluntary Centre said: “It is indeed our pleasure to be working with such a well-established and respected humanitarian organization as the ALF Foundation because it contributes to the achievement of the aspirations contained in the Qatar National Vision 2030 and enables volunteers to participate in the initiatives it adopts.” 

She added: “Qatar Voluntary Centre aims, through its vision, to make volunteering a lifestyle, serve the community, foster volunteer work and raise awareness about volunteering. The Centre also works on presenting programs and activities to the Qatari and expatriate youth sector about its benefits to them and the community. In addition, the Centre is keen on spreading Islamic and moral values among the youth.”

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“The ALF Foundation and Qatar Voluntary Center have a shared vision of providing innovative developmental opportunities for individuals and communities, including in the field of volunteer work,” said Ali Talal Mar'e, ALF Foundation’s Executive Director. “With the scope of work that we are involved in and the energy and enthusiasm towards volunteerism of the people from the Qatar Voluntary Centre, I am extremely confident that the synergies of our respective expertise will only serve to further facilitate the achievement of our goals. “We therefore wish to thank Qatar Voluntary Centre for this partnership as we look forward to working closely together with them in future projects,” he added.

The ALF Foundation has had extensive experience in collaborating with overseas-based charitable organizations such as the Inner City Muslim Action Network’s (IMAN) in the U.S.A. and Mosaic, a UK-based charitable organization founded by Prince Charles. Accordingly, the ALF Foundation endeavors to pursue such partnerships with other organizations, whether local or overseas, that promote a common vision and objective.