Posted on October 14, 2015

Alfardan Properties has unveiled its new luxurious real estate proposition, Alfardan Elite Collection, an assortment of bespoke properties at the most sought after addresses in Doha, offering personalised services to enhance tenant’s lifestyles. Alfardan Elite Collection has been tailor-made to create an unparalleled lifestyle experience through not only superior residential and commercial properties, but a wide array of premium services and amenities. The collection includes Alfardan Gardens, Laguna Beach, Alfardan Towers, Burj Al Gassar, One Porto Arabia and Al Gassar Resort, setting a new benchmark in Qatar’s thriving real estate and property market.

Mr. Mohamed Sleiman, General Manager at Alfardan Properties commented: “Alfardan Elite Collection is a project we are all very excited and proud to launch for Qatar and its community. Utilising two decades of experience in the luxury property market, we have designed a unique offering that is unprecedented in the region. Alfardan Elite Collection is part of our ongoing vision and strategy to lead and innovate premium real estate. We see our properties as the body of our offering, but our superior services and staff are the soul.”

Sleiman continues: “Alfardan Elite Collection is unique in its attention to detail. Over the past three years we have listened to tenants conducting satisfaction surveys, attending to their needs and tailoring the Alfardan Elite Collection’s array of properties and personalised services to match.” Alfardan Elite Collection incorporates three core pillars: Safety & Security through continuous investment in state of the art technology ensures guests are safe and secure at all times; Service, the 24-hour Call Centre is a promise guests can get assistance any time of the day should they need it; and Entertainment & Well-being, offering a variety of activities for guests to enjoy at their homes.

Tenants at Alfardan Elite Collection are able to take advantage of value adding services such as music, ballet, martial arts and dance classes, as well as on-hand fitness instructors with top of the range gym amenities. Beyond health and well-being, there are also educational services for kids and adults alike, with international educational institutions offering premium language lessons at the convenience of your home. Each tenant can also take part in the many events hosted for its communities, including regular networking events to help nurture and enhance community growth.

In conjunction to unveiling Alfardan Elite Collection, Alfardan Properties also launched a first in Qatar a ‘One Hour Promise’ for its tenants. A promise offering peace of mind for families, friends and companies, that any issues will be taken care of swiftly and easily. It is a commitment to exceeding tenant expectations across maintenance, engineering or customer care queries. The ‘One Hour Promise’ is executed by professional teams located on-site at each of the Alfardan Elite Collection properties, at any given time and day.

Alfardan Elite Collection has a variety of properties, but tenants and guests will know they have arrived at Qatar’s leading luxury destination with signature soothing music and fragrance in the lobbies. Beyond top of the range premium facilities, services and amenities, at the heart of the Alfardan Elite Collection is Smart Living Solutions. As a market leader in its field, Alfardan Properties is the leading voice on the subject believing the adoption of Smart Living Solutions is vital to ensuring safer, sustainable and more efficient living and working experiences.