Posted on May 02, 2011
Amadeus Qatar today announced the launch of its innovative new offering, the Amadeus Ticket Changer, that allows travel agencies to  service customers’ change requests anywhere in the world in only a matter of seconds; giving them the right fare and the right penalty charge, if any, at any point-of-sale.

Amadeus is the first Global Distribution System (GDS) provider in Qatar to introduce this service. With this new technology, travel agencies can make all kinds of changes and processes a vast range of tickets and enables them gain customers' loyalty by giving them the service they require in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Mr. Wafiq Alwahidi - General Manager of Amadeus Qatar

With the Amadeus Ticket Changer, businesses can save up to an impressive 25 minutes per reissued ticket, complete each process in seconds, in one single transaction, save on Airline Debit Memo costs thanks to this fully automated solution, which incorporates every airline’s policy and save on training costs as Ticket Changer is integrated into your familiar flows, whatever your point of sale: agency, call centre, online.

Wafiq Al-Wahidi, General Manager, Amadeus Qatar, said: “Amadeus is a pioneer of innovation in our industry. We are always looking to develop new products and solutions that increase customer service and reduce time involved to perform the service. Manual ticket reissuing is such a lengthy and tedious process – it involves airline debit memos, 30 minute calls to the call centre, lengthy and expensive staff training. With Amadeus Ticket Changer, all this is a thing of the past. It is the most powerful and flexible automated solution available currently in the market.”