Posted on June 01, 2018

The much-awaited Angry Birds World entertainment theme park finally opened its doors at the Doha Festival City in Qatar on Thursday. 

Inspired by the popular bird-flinging game, the first-of-its-kind in the world theme park opened its newly-built indoor section phase one in line with the first phase of its launch. The park features more than 17,000 square metres of thrill and fun with an indoor space of 6,500 square metres that transforms into a cluster of high-octane attractions designed for every member of the family.

One of the major attractions of the indoor arena is the 'Big Tree'. The 17 metre-high structure provides a load of interactive experiences for children and adults where they can learn the basics of science, improve their musical ability and develop their creative chops. For adventure junkies, the tree also houses 'Own the Sky', a roller glider featuring a 106-metre zip line that allows participants to cut through the air at rip-roaring speeds. A ropes course challenge 'Fierce Flight' and 'Epic Battle' of laser guns fight are some of the other attractions. 

Enthusiasts of popular game Angry Birds GO! will enjoy the real rush of adrenaline in the form of the world's first indoor and outdoor multi-level karting track. The 261-metre race track features modern positioning system technology promising a thrilling race to the finish line. One of the main food and beverage attraction is the South Beach Caf`. Themed like a bird beach, its distinctive location allows a complete unobstructed view of the main park attractions, including the Big Tree, allowing guests to not miss out on the thrill while enjoying a delicious meal.

The Angry Birds World is a concept introduced and developed by Trimoo in collaboration with Talal Bin Mohammed Trading (TBMT), the exclusive licensee for Qatar, and Rovio Entertainment Corporation, one of the world's biggest mobile game brand licensors and the developer and distributor of the popular Angry Birds game series that has four billion downloads since 2009. The Angry Birds World is open during Ramadan from 7.30pm to midnight at the Doha Festival City South Court.

source: Qatar Tribune