Posted on November 01, 2014

Art And Art Company announced the launch of the Qatar International Medical Congress, from the city of Chongqing in China, on the sidelines of the China International Medical Equipment Fair, which was held successfully last October, with exhibitors showing great interest in the fair. The Exhibition will be held during May 2015 in conjunction with the Middle East Forum to raise awareness and safety in the field of health care.

Chinese companies have also expressed a great interest to participate in the Qatar International Medical Congress, considering that it would introduce them to the health sector in Qatar. This event also gives companies that intend to enter into the medical field in the coming years, a chance to be exposed to the health sector, which is witnessing rapid growth in Qatar and the Gulf and the Middle East. Participants in the works of the Congress will display several advanced innovations that are based on the latest technology and health-related challenges.

Mr. Rabih Karam, General Manager of Art and Art, said: "The objectives of the congress (Qatar International Medical Congress 2015) are in line with the national strategy for health 2011 to 2016, which aims to develop the health sector in Qatar and make it more advanced.” Mr. Karam added: “Among the events associated with the congress is an exhibition that contains a number of sections, joining exhibitors each in their field and nature of work.” He explained that these sections are equipped with a department which will allow visitors to see the latest medical equipment that help in diagnostic techniques, and facilitate the supervision of the disease as well as treatment of pathological cases. 

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The exhibition also includes a special section on health care and this section will receive the most renowned participants in their field and will include key players in the health care industry, and the treatment and prevention of diseases, physical and mental harm. He added: “The exhibition will also include a pharmaceutical section and will host the most important names among producers and distributors of medicines. In addition to the services' section, this unit will include the main names in the services’ sector dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of the disease as well as the promotion, and the preservation of drugs.” 

Mr. Karam also noted that “the exhibition accompanying the congress will include a section for the government institutions, in which the key players from the ministries of health to the public care industry will take part, as well as decision-makers in the field, who today create the health care industry.” Mr. Karam said that “the congress represents the Qatar National Vision 2030, which seeks to permanently support events that will lay the foundations of a healthy and strong society, and encourage innovation in the field of health care in Qatar”.