Posted on July 07, 2014

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ and its contracting company CCC/Teyseer working on Dukhan Highway Central expressway project celebrated a key milestone achieved by reaching 25.0 million man-hours without loss time injury (LTI).

This significant achievement comes as a result of Ashghal’s comprehensive and stringent health and safety measures which are included in the pre-qualification process for contractors applying to work on any of the Authority’s projects. Ashghal follows a strict procedure to award contracts only to companies that assure compliance. To comply with Ashghal’s health and safety requirements at work zones, the contractor CCC/Teyseer raised the safety bar by introducing a robust programme of safety and traffic management, which has been highly effective in delivering Ashghal’s health and safety objectives.

The programme included the provision and use of the first crash cushion, European approved and tested temporary barriers both metal and concrete including accredited installation, specialist road side working safety training accredited to UK and European standard and certified accordingly. These initiatives included intensive health and safety discussions and awareness sessions, weekly management inspections, access control for sub-contractors, emergency support vehicles, site notice boards and other related procedures.

Ashghal lays major emphasis on achieving high standards of health and safety at work zones to ensure a secure working environment for workers across all of its projects. The Authority imposes a number of health and safety measures as prequalification prerequisites for all contractors wishing to apply for any of its projects’ tenders. Contractors are required to submit a clear health and safety plan detailing their health, safety and environment (HSE) guidelines to be considered in the tendering process.

Ashghal 25 million man-hours 2 [].jpgTargeted communication campaigns are regularly rolled out every month across the Expressway Programme to focus attention to areas that promote improved health and safety standards for workers.

Ashghal’s Expressways Programme has set of health and safety procedures and policies across all projects to ensure commitment and compliance from all contractors to achieve zero% incidents, injuries, environmental harm, and no security breaches on the expressway projects. In parallel to this, a campaign titled “Raising the safety bar 2014” has been launched across the Expressway Programme which includes six monthly themes to be implemented by construction contractors every month. The Supervision Consultant shall monitor the effectiveness and compliance of the theme. This is in addition to imposing a group of mandatory requirements for labourers accommodations and health services.

Last June, Ashghal announced achieving a similar milestone at the Lusail Expressway project that reached 10 million man-hours without LTI. Ashghal’s HSE reports across all projects are demonstrating a considerable reduction in work accidents.

The Dukhan Highway Central project is an integral part of Ashghal’s Expressway Programme that will create one of the world’s most impressive urban road networks. The project is managed by KBR as the Programme Management Consultant and WS Atkins as the supervision consultant. Substantial section of the Dukhan Highway Central project has already been opened to the public.

Dukhan Highway Central project includes the construction of 15 km of a new highway starting from west of the existing Al Wajbah Interchange and ending east of the town of Al Sheehaniya. The project also comprises a dual carriageway with four lanes in each direction, service roads and a cycle track in both directions.

Commenced in Q2 of 2011, the QR 1 billion project is estimated to be complete in Q4, 2016.