Posted on February 12, 2018

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ held a meeting on Monday 12 of February with a number of residents of Bani Hajer North area at the Majlis of Mr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Khayareen, Member of the Central Municipal Council for Bani Hajer constituency (16th constituency), in attendance of Eng. Saoud Al Tamimi, Ashghal’s Roads Projects Department Manager, Eng. Ali Ashkanani, Head of Northern Areas Section in the Roads Projects Department, and concerned engineers in Ashghal.

During the meeting, Ashghal announced the completion of packages 1 and 7 of the Roads and Infrastructure Development project in Bani Hajer North – Rawdat Egdaim.

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Mr. Mohammad Saleh Al-Khayareen, CMC Member for Bani Hajer Constituency, expressed his happiness with the visit paid by the Public Works Authority’s officials to the residents of the constituency, highlighting the satisfaction of Bani Hajer residents with the roads and infrastructure development implemented in the area. He also expressed his appreciation for the achievements made by Ashghal in Bani Hajer projects and for the efforts being made in the projects currently being implemented, as well as future projects in the area addressing citizens’ needs.

Al-Khayareen also praised Ashghal's quick response to citizens’ requests, adding: "In Bani Hajer we are receiving a quick response from Ashghal as well as a permanent follow-up to our area from their side, in addition to maintenance works that are being carried out without the citizens' request. All of these are efforts that we thank Ashghal for.”

Eng. Saoud Al Tamimi, Roads Projects Department Manager, pointed out that packages 1 and 7 of the Roads and Infrastructure Development project in Bani Hajer North will bring great benefits for the residents of Bani Hajer, which is currently witnessing a rapid urban development. The project provides integrated infrastructure and the latest roads network linking Bani Hajerto Doha, Dukhan and the rest of the country through the expressway network. The road network will reduces travel time in Bani Hajer area by 60%, in addition to providing a direct access to the Mall of Qatar.

Eng. Ali Ashkanani, Head of Northern Areas Section, said that package 1 of the project serves 663 residential plots in an area of 1.62 km2, where wide-scale improvements have been carried out to the roads network with a total length of 28 km and widths between 16 and 30 meters,in addition to providing signal-controlled intersections. These improvements will ease the access to all residential and business establishments in the area as well as a number of schools and mosques.Also as part of this package, the western section of Al-Terhab Street was widened to connect Bani Hajer area with the Celebrations Road and the Mall of Qatar.

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Regarding Package 7 of the project, Eng.Ashkanani stated that it serves 520 residential plots in an area of 1.35 km2, through the construction of 21 km of local roads using the latest standards and specifications to replace the temporary roads in the area. The project also provided telecommunications lines and about 40 electrical substations. To enhance traffic safety in the area, many signboards and speed humps were installed as part of packages 1 and 7, in addition to installing 1,937 light poles, building 7,100 car parking bays, and providing 94 km of shared pedestrians and cyclist lanes to encourage residents to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Both packages included extensive infrastructure development works according to the highest standards, including the construction of a 69km long storm water and ground water drainage network to solve the rainwater accumulation problem, and the construction of a 50 km long foul sewer drainage network. Additionally, both packages included constructing about 26 km long treated sewage effluent network.


Ashkanani pointed out that Package 1 of the project provides a permanent solution for sewage overflow problem and allows the elimination of use of sewage tanks by providing a new drainage network, to which all houses within this package were connected.Package 7 will also provide a solution to these problems after connecting the main trunk sewers to outfalls under future projects that Ashghal is currently implementing.

On this occasion, citizen Mubarak Saleh Al-Khayarin thanked the Public Works Authority for the visit paid by its officials to Bani Hajer residents and for the clear attention given by Ashghal to Bani Hajer projects as well as its keenness to monitor the implementation of the projects works. He added: The visit pleased all the citizens in the Constituency, as this kind of initiatives has a significant positive impact on the residents of the area because it makes us feel that Ashghal is keen on communicating with the citizen which is an appreciated action.

Citizen Mohammed Al Mansouri expressed his happiness at Ashghal's meeting with the residents of Bani Hajar area today, praising all the projects carried out by the authority as well as those currently being implemented in Bani Hajer Area, and which have played a major role in improving the quality of life for the residents in this area. Citizen Rashid bin Saeed Al-Khayreen Al-Hajri said: “We are delighted that Ashghal visited us and showcased the projects that are related to our Constituency. We are proud of the achievements they have made and hope that everything that has been presented will be fully implemented as planned.”