Posted on September 15, 2014

With the re-opening of schools following the summer break, and to reduce traffic congestion during peak hours, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ opened the first phase of the C-Ring Road project this morning, Sunday 14th  of September. Ashghal has completed the first phase of the C-Ring Road as per schedule. Now road users will benefit from an additional lane stretching from Umm Ghuwailina roundabout (also known as the VIP roundabout) to midway between Najma and Mansoura intersections. This part of the C-Ring Road was widened from three lanes to four in each direction.

The opening of this phase of the project is considered to be an important step towards enhancing the capacity of C-Ring Road which experiences high densities of traffic. The Umm Ghuwailina roundabout has been removed and converted to an intersection, and additional lanes to turn right and left were added in order to control and facilitate the traffic flow. The sidewalks pavement will be completed soon, and the landscaping and planting in the adjacent areas will continue as well without disturbing the traffic flow.

Ashghal announces opening 2 [].jpgDue to the importance of the C-Ring Road, the construction works on the project have been scaled up in order to complete this phase with the re-opening of schools. Ashghal has deployed approximately 580 workers, supervisors, engineers and dozens of construction equipment on this phase. As part of the project, Ashghal has diverted and protected the existing infrastructure utilities in the area and upgraded them, in addition to laying asphalt on both sides of the road. It is worth mentioning that this phase is part of the C-Ring Road development project, which involves a 6.3 km stretch from C-Ring Road’s intersection with Salwa Road (Jabur bin Ahmed intersection) to Umm Ghuwailina roundabout.

Ashghal has announced earlier that it started implementing the fourth phase of road development works on C-Ring Road in mid-August. The fourth phase extends from New Slata intersection to Al Kinana intersection and from the roundabout known as The Centre roundabout to just before Al Asiri intersection. Given the importance of the C-Ring Road as a vital commercial and residential artery circling Doha, Ashghal kept three lanes open to traffic in each direction throughout the construction period.

The authority has also kept the residents of the area and business owners fully informed about this vital project through direct communications and Ashghal’s website and social media accounts. Before the start of works on the project, project brochures in English and Arabic were distributed to all residents and businesses in the area to inform them about the details of the project. A designated community liaison officer was also appointed to respond to any related requests and enquiries.

Ashghal announces opening 3 [].jpgSince the commencement of the project, Ashghal has solved a number of issues raised by the local community such as providing alternative parking spaces for businesses and coordination with companies to remove signage on the street to allow for construction works. Ashghal also took all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of both workers and road users through the implementation of directional signs, electronic road signs and concrete barriers along work area.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Clock Tower has been removed and relocated in order to be reinstalled at a location designated by the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning. The C-Ring Road development project is part of a series of projects implemented by Ashghal to improve the network of local roads and expressways across the country. Road enhancement works include converting roundabouts to signal-controlled intersections and widening roads to increase capacity.