Posted on April 30, 2015

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has completed the Legtaifiya Roads Development and Expansion Project - Phase 1. The works were specifically implemented in the area stretching from Al Jamiaa Signal until near Lagoon 5 Roundabout. Ashghal has completed the implementation of the project’s works on schedule within 45 days as of mid-February till the 31st of March.

The works that have been completed as part of Phase 1 include widening the road stretching from Al Jamiaa Signal until just close to Legtaifiya Roundabout, increasing the number of lanes to three instead of two in each direction. Phase 1 works include as well the expansion of Lagoon 4 Roundabout making it a three-lane roundabout. The Phase 2 works are currently being carried out and are likely to be completed within approximately 40 days. These works have begun on 25 April 2015 and are expected to be completed in the first week of June 2015. Phase 2 works include widening and re-adjusting the road next to Lagoon 5 Roundabout increasing the number of lanes to three instead of two in each direction.

Ashghal completes phase 1 of roads 2 [].jpgThe Legtaifiya Roads Development and Expansion Project, which is implemented by the Roads Maintenance Department in Ashghal, aims at increasing the efficiency of the road and enhancing traffic flow in this vital region from Al Jamiaa Signal until Lusail Street (Katara roundabout) in both directions. This project also aims at easing the access to the West Bay Lagoon area, "Katara" cultural village, the Pearl, and the other neighboring areas.

It is noteworthy that the Roads Maintenance Department has recently completed the expansion works on the roads leading to Al Asiri Interchange. The completed expansion works enhanced the traffic flow at Al Asiri Interchange and its vicinity and received positive feedback from road users who noticed an improvement in that region’s traffic flow. The public expressed satisfaction on social networks and the Public Works Authority has received a number of posts in which motorists expressed their satisfaction with the improvement that the area has witnessed following the completion of the expansion works.

Ashghal completes phase 1 of roads 3 [].jpgThe Roads Maintenance Department at Ashghal carries out all the roads’ maintenance works including the restoration, renovation, and maintenance of many roads in different areas in the state of Qatar. These operations comprise the works on the local and external roads and aim at ensuring the security and safety of road users, motorists and pedestrians alike. These works also include:  the maintenance of traffic diversions, the clearing of construction sites, works of sewerage network, the laying of services pipes, excavation works and the paving of the lower road layers, flexible surfaces, sidewalks, signs, and traffic signage.

The Roads Maintenance Department’s scope of work also covers the management of maintenance and renovation works of many service facilities across the country; namely, the electricity and water pipes, phone lines, street lights, and traffic signals, as well as carrying out major improvements on the entire highway network and carrying out regular inspections aiming at boosting the level of knowledge in highway assets and assessing the effectiveness of the implemented enhancements.