Posted on October 19, 2017

The Public Works Authority, ‘Ashghal’, has fulfilled the construction of Muaither Centre for Health and Wellness as part of the government plan in terms of the development of the health sector.

A host of media representatives went on a tour of the new clinic accompanied by Ashghal officials and engineers who briefed them on the latest progress of the project. The clinic, a top ranked architectural model for community health and wellness, is situated in Southern Muaither on an area of 19,000 m2, comprising a four-level main building with a two-level basement as a car parking as well as a ground and upper level dedicated for clinics, laboratories, administrative offices and other annexes.

The centre incorporates 45 clinics, including 10 rooms for dentistry, 6 chambers for family and pre-marriage tests along with other medical specialized services for emergency, physiotherapy clinic with a lounge, sports hall, sauna and massage. There is also a swimming pool at an area of approximately 375 m2, involving changing rooms and bathrooms. In addition, there is a meeting hall, a library, a radiology, a lab and a pharmacy. The centre provides four main entrances, including ambulances and emergency, and two mosques, for gents and ladies alike.

On the occasion, Eng. Tamader Al Malki, Acting Head of Health Project Section in Ashghal Building Affairs said that the public Works Authority had carried out the construction according to the local and international standards and specifications, achieving 3.5 million man hour free of injury and that the works of the centres of Al Waab, Al Wajba and Al Jameaa were drawing to a close.

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The accredited types

“Ashghal implements three accredited designs in harmony with the demography of Qatar: Type A has few clinics for low populated areas like Al Karaana Health Centre and Leghwiriya Health Centre, while Type B is bigger and designed for community health like Al Thumama Health Centre; Type C is the biggest where it is intended for health and wellness since it features rehabilitation and sport services like centres of Leabib and Rawdat Al Khail.At the same time, new health centre will be underway soon in Al Khor and Al Shamal according to Type C”

“The health centres in areas of Al Waab and Al Jameaa are in line with type B and whereas the other two clinics in Muaither and Al Wajba are designed as per Type C, and they are all in the process of delivery. Thus, the new health centre in Muaither is designed be a four-floor building, two levels for the basement dedicated for car parkings and two levels to provide enough space for  clinics, along with extra rooms for doctors and assistants and other services and spacious places for parking, reception and registration for all visitors”, she added.

“Muaither Centre for Health and Wellness has been created in a way that would cater for 476 car spaces underground in addition to outdoor parking spaces and provide the convenient facilities for patients and visitors. The bottom line is that the building is expandable and upgradable in the future according to the updated medical equipment”. Health projects draws a huge attention from Ashghal Building Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health. The Primary Health Care sector has witnessed recently a boom since it opened unique and distinct health centre, where it has unprecedented services and spaces in Qatar to accommodate huge numbers of visitors and offer much improved medical care, Al Malki added.

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For his part, Eng. Ahmad Saleh, Project Manager in Health Projects Section, said, “The new designs, interior or exterior, match the best quality criteria and safety standards and Qatari heritage.”

“All criteria were also set by Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) as operational and architectural considerations were taken to accomplish a 3-star environmental level in terms of energy saving and environment preservation, including:

  • Using solar energy for the purpose of in-house water heating
  • Using natural sunlight through panoramic roof windows, allowing sun rays in to save a quite bit electricity which is used in lights and to disinfect the place.
  • Rational consumption of water inside and outside the building
  • Growing green areas and landscapes around the facility.
  • Preserving the environment around during the implementation of the project

“Ashghal had been granted two Sustainability Awards (2016) in health and education facilities by the Gulf Organization for Research and Development “GORD”, the first performance-based system in the MENA region, developed for rating the green buildings and infrastructures

Ashghal won the prizes thanks to its adoption of 3-star GSAS in all health and educational facilities, including the design and construction of hospitals, clinics, primary healthcare centresand schools and kindergartens”, Saleh added. GORD had bestowed on Ashghal a 3-star GSAS accreditation March 2016, following long process of examination building projects and site visits to get verified that the facilities go with GSAS standards.