Posted on July 13, 2016

The Public Works Authority announces that it will implement a temporary traffic diversion on Leatooriya Road, approximately two kilometres to the east of the Camel Racing Track. The diversion will start on the 15th of July 2016 and last for six months, in coordination with the Traffic Department. Road users travelling in both directions on Leatooriya Road will be diverted to two single-lane 500 metre-long parallel diversion routes, before rejoining Leatooriya Road, as shown on the map. 

Road users travelling northbound towards Leatooriya that need to access the Camel Racing Track or return to Al Sheehaniya will be able to conduct a U-turn soon after the existing roundabout, as shown on the attached map. The diversion is required to enable the demolition and reconstruction of the roundabout leading to Leatooriya Road and the Camel Racing Track. Ashghal will install road signs advising road users of the diversion. The authority requests all road users to abide by the speed limit which will be 50 kph, and follow the road signs to ensure their safety.

Ashghal Diversion of traffic to new 2 [].jpg