Posted on November 05, 2018

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announced the partial opening of three main bridges to the public on Al Khor Expressway project.

This was in participation of Eng. Mohammad Al Marri, the Director of Infrastructure Affairs in Ashghal, Mr. Mohammad Saleh Al Attan Director of Al Khor and Al Thakhira Municipality, Mr. Rashed Meshlesh Al Khaytarein, Director of Al Dha’ayen Municipality, Mr. Meshal Al Nuaimi, Member of the Municipal Council, Brigadier Mohammed Marifiya, Manager of the Traffic Safety and Engineering Department in MOI, and a number of Ashghal officials. The newly partially opened bridges are the first major milestone accomplished on Al Khor Expressway project, which is scheduled to be complete in Q4 2019, as the project progress reached 60%.

The 33 kilometrelink strategically connects Al Khorto Doha via Lusail, Simaisma and Tinbakand Umm Garn areas.

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The new openings

Two of the three lanes in each direction of the bridge at the Simaisma Intersection were open to the public providing a free flow of traffic to road users coming from Al Shamal Road via Simaisma Road and heading to Simaisma. This opening will significantly enhance traffic movement in the area as it will remove the old diversion, considerably reduce travel time and increase efficiency. As for the second bridge, two lanes out of three in each direction were opened to the public providing a direct link between Lusail and the Orbital Road & Truck Route. This vital bridge will allow road users coming from Al Shamal Road and the Orbital through Al Mazrooah Interchange to reach Lusail.

The third newly availed bridge, located at the interchange connecting Lusail city with Al Tarfa Road, also opened two of itsthree lanes to provide new travel options for road users coming from Al Shamal Road via IzghawaInterchange and the surrounding areas towards Doha and Lusail. Bader Darwish, Highway Projects Department Assistant Managerstated that the project team are gearing up with construction works highlighting that these three bridges were openedto the public ahead of the scheduled time.

He also explained that Al Khor Expressway project is a keyarterial roadin Qatar parallel to Al Shamal Road and connecting to several major ring roads as well as the Orbital, noting that it will provide road users with a much easier access to 15 residential areas and key business, leisure, service and sport areas. Meshal Al Nuaimi, member of the Central Municipal Council for constituency 18 commented “I would like to thank Dr. Eng. Saad bin Ahmad Al Muhannadi President of the Public Works Authorityand the project’s team. The opening of the interchanges is key to ease access to areas, specially the partial opening of the interchange that connects Orbital Road from Rawdat Al Hamama to Lusail, which reduces future traffic on Al Shamal Road.

Mr. Mohammed Saleh AlAtan, Director of Al Khor and Al Thakhira Municipality, said that the opening of three bridges as part of Al Khor Expressway willreduce travel time for those coming from Al Shamal to the coastal areas such as Simaisma, Lusail and others. He added that the project will provide a free traffic flow once completed. Mr. Rashid Mashlash Al Khayarin, Director of Al Dayen Municipality, said that Al Khor Expressway is one of the mega projects that serves all the areas needs from Al Khor to Doha and will facilitate traffic between some  and all areas

Al Khor Expressway

In November 2016, the Public Works Authority launched the construction works to upgrade Al Khor Expressway providing it with 5 lanes in each direction in addition to 2 emergency laneson a 33-kilometre stretch between Al Khor Road and Qatar University Street in Doha, and improve the safety as well as the vehicle capacity. Unlike the previous two-lane layout,which only accommodates 4000 vehicles per hour, the project’s 5 lanes’ capacity will be expanded to accommodate 10,000 vehicles per hour.

As part of the works remit on al Khor Expressway, the project design comprises a wide central median to accommodate the railways’ red line, which will connect Al Khor to Doha with its two main stations. In addition, the project will deliver a unique 34 km of fast cycle track and 33 km of combined pedestrians and cyclists’ paths on the other side of the road in addition to 42 pedestrians and cyclists’ underpasses. When complete, Al Khor Expressway would have availed 10 multi-levelled interchanges;six of which will provide free flow connectivity with major roads such as the Orbital, Al Tarfa Road and Simaisma Road as well as facilitating access to Al Shamal Road and Lusail Expressway. 8 bridges, 22 tunnels and underpass as well as a camel bridge linking the small and the large Lusail protected areas will also be delivered.

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Residential Areas

Al Khor Expressway caters to 15 residential areas throughout its stretch from Doha to Al Khor including Simaisma, Umm Garn, Tinbak, Wadi Al Banat, Rawdat Al Hamama in addition to Lusail, the Pearl, Legtaifiya and Al Tarfa Road.

Sports Facilities

Travelling on Al Khor Expressway will provide FIFA World Cup fans with access to two of the 2022 FIFA stadiums, namely Lusail Stadium and Al Bayt Stadium. The access will also be easier to Al Rayyan Stadium through the Orbital Road & Truck Route as well as several sports facilities such as Al Khor and Simaisma’s Youth Centres, Al Khor Sport Club, Lusail Sport Complex and Doha Gulf Club.

Key Businessdistricts

Al KhorExpressway serves a number of key businessdistricts such as Lusail, the Pearl and WestBayalong with creating easy access to Al Dayen Services Complex and many hotels in the surrounding areas.

Leisure facilities

Several leisure facilities are accessible via Al Khor Expressway including Katara, Simaisma Beach, Al Farkiya Beach, and Al Dayen Celebration Halls.

Educational institutions

Further to connecting major cities and areas, the project also links many educational institutions such as Qatar University, Community College of Qatar, College of the North Atlantic, Qatar Leadership Academy and Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.