Posted on March 29, 2018

For the fourth consecutive year, Aspetar, the orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital in Qatar,is providing round-the-clock medical support to the 200 athletes competing in this year’s Samla Race 2018; a Desert Extreme Trek for athletes with an adventurous spirit.

Running from 29 March to 01 April, the race involves a series of challenges over a 200km trek that begins in Zekreet and ends in Zubara Castle. The challenges include running, shooting, swimming, cycling and kayaking. Aspetar’s multidisciplinary medical team consists of three doctors, three physiotherapists, three nurses and one massage therapist. These expertsare split into three cars running alongside contestants to ensure all medical care is readily available throughout the non-stop race. Aspetar has also positioned a movable clinic and ice bath along the course to treat injuries. A team of ambulances is also on standby to transfer patients in an emergency.

In the weeks leading up to the main race, Aspetar experts have organised workshops to educate participants about the health risks they will face during the race, sharing tips on how to stay hydrated and well-supplemented with nutrients. The Samla Race is a challenging event organised to test participants’ physical and mental strengths, individual skills and overall fitness. The race trek extends across Qatar’s vast desert spaces. Supporting such events cements Aspetar’s leading role in the treatment and prevention of local, regional and international athletes’ injuries across all sports. Aspetar’s experts have a wealth of experience in supporting athletes taking part in major tournaments in Qatar and abroad, including the 24th Men’s Handball World Championship in 2015, the 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships, and the 2016 UCI Road World Championships.