Posted on March 17, 2017

Aspire Academy concluded its latest Tri-Series football tournament with its youth division team U-11 emerging as the winners, after leading the scoreboard with 13 impressive goals in two matches. This round of the Tri-Series football tournament featured guest teams Nagoya Grampus FC and FA Malaysia.

Commenting on their remarkable win, Aspire Academy’s U-11 Head Coach, Fouad Al Fadil, praised his team’s performance and emphasized that this tournament provides a much-needed experience for young players at their age. He said: “I am pleased with the way my team played against two strong teams who have different footballing styles. The game against FA Malaysia was particularly challenging, yet our youngsters stayed motivated and performed exceptionally well.”

Aspire Academy’s youth team 2 [].jpgMeanwhile, Saad Ichalelene, Head of Coaching Methodology & Scouting at the National Football Development Programme in Malaysia, praised the Tri-Series tournament and Aspire Academy’s sports development initiatives, saying: “I have visited the Academy previously when I was working with the French club, Paris Saint-Germain, and the tournament is still as strong as I remember it. We are very pleased with how our youth team performed against Nagoya and Aspire, and we’re grateful to Aspire Academy for inviting us to participate.”

He added, “Malaysia has set for itself a similar mission to what have been achieved by Aspire Academy in Qatar, and have also set up several football development initiatives that aim to scout and develop young local talents to produce Malaysia’s next generation of world-renowned footballers. It’s a long journey and requires a lot of patience, but it is worth it, and we commend Aspire Academy for its efforts to develop the talents of its student-athletes.” The Tri-Series football tournament resumes from 19-23 of March and will see youth teams from Aspire Academy compete against two world-renowned football clubs from Europe -Atletico Madrid from Spain and Eintracht Frankfurt from Germany. 

Aspire Academy’s youth team 3 [].jpg