Posted on December 13, 2016

Aspire Academy has recently concluded its second Parents’ Meeting for the Academic Year 2016-2017. Parents were welcomed by Mr. Badr Jassim Al Hay, Director of Education and Student Care, and Mr. Jassim Al Jaber, School Principal, in addition to other faculty members. During the meeting, parents engaged with faculty members and department representatives in lively round-table discussions.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jassim Al Jaber said: “Aspire Academy regularly organises such meetings to open channels of communication with parents sothey are kept up-to-speed on their children’s performance and progress at the school, and are able to get answers to their questions.” Mr. Nasser Al Mereesi, another parent, added: “I attend these meetings so I’m always updated on my son’s academic performance. The Academy’s teachers and coaches have taken good care of their students. As a result of their close attention, they helped parents become aware of any academic challenges facing our children and taught us how to overcome them.”

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Meanwhile, Mr. Sadeq Al Siddeeq, a parent of one of the student-athletes, praised Aspire Academy for its role in developing young sporting talents, saying: “I’m always keen to participate in these meeting to keep a closer eye on my child’s performance. These meetings allow parents to recognise shortcomings and discuss ways of academic development, and it has contributed greatly to improving my child’s academic performance.” This new academic year 2016-2017, which has a total of 265 student-athletes, is Aspire Academy’s first academic since it received accreditation by the Council of International Schools. All 265 student-athletes were accepted onto the programme after successfully completing the Academy’s elaborate Talent Identification process.

Aspire Academy aims to develop students holistically, providing individuals with a comprehensive academic, social and sporting education. To support student-athletes in fulfilling their promise, there are five major departments at Aspire Academy that specifically look after their development: the Football Department, the Football Performance and Science Department, the Sports Department (non-football), the Sports Science Department and the Education and Student Care Department.

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