Posted on May 13, 2017

Aspire Academy has organised a ceremony to welcome 84 new student athletes on full scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year, the largest batch of young talent to join the Academy since its establishment in 2004.

Their formal enrolment follows three stages of intensive physical and psychological trials in talent identification tests in schools and at the Academy’s facilities. Impressing Aspire scouts during this process, the talented 9 and 10-year-old sportsmen were recognised for their efforts during the ceremony. The young athletes and their parents were received by senior Academy officials, including the Academy’s Director General, Ivan Bravo, Badr Jassim Al-Hay, Director of Education and Student Care, Jassim Al Jaber, School Principal, Stephan Hildebrant,  Manager of  Football Operations, Markus Egger, Director of Sport and Strategy, Dr. Antonio Tramullas, Aspire Health Centre Manager, and Professor Tim Cable, Director of Sports Science.

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The induction event began with a brief opening speech from Director General Ivan Bravo, who welcomed the new students by saying: “We are incredibly excited to welcome these boys into the Academy. It is a great achievement to be offered a place here and they should all be tremendously proud of such an achievement.” Bravo also stressed the importance of trust between the Academy and the student-athletes’ families, adding: “We need you to work with us to help your sons reach their full potential. Being at Aspire Academy will not only provide them with the perfect balance between academics and sports, but also make them grounded men who respect others. They will travel the world, building a global outlook and an understanding that you have to work hard to pursue what you want to achieve.”

The audience also had the opportunity to listen to current student and footballer Fahad Al-Quseaimi and graduates Yousef Al-Bader and Fahad Al-Mughanni, who spoke about their experiences at the Academy and about their smooth transition into their respective careers after graduating. The ceremony concluded with presentations from Badr Al-Hay, Director of Education and Student Care, Markus Egger, Director of Sports, Stephan Hildebrandt, Manager of Football Operations and Dr. Antonio Tramullas, Medical Director of Aspire Health Centre, who also answered parents' questions.

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Aspire Academy offers a vibrant educational environment and intercultural experience to develop student-athletes’ academic and sporting potential. Through personalised learning and training using modern technology, the Academy also develops responsible learners and inspires every student-athlete to make valuable contributions to the global community. Aspire Academy student-athletes are developed through a comprehensive athlete portfolio management process, whereby coaches, educators, support staff, service providers and management personnel actively cooperate to create an integrated Long Term Athlete Development programme based on specific and measureable performance outcomes. Progressive development, rigorous adherence to duty-of-care and a fun and interactive learning environment are all core to these efforts.