Posted on November 13, 2017

In an initial report delivered after the successful conclusion of the first-of-its-kind Aspire Lake Festival on Saturday evening, Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) attracted a record audience of more than 75,000 visitors to the venue over the course of three days. Online, the event reached an audience of more than 4.1m readers across social media. Facebook and Instagram were the most popular platforms.

AZF handled the large crowds with the utmost safety. As noted in the report, due to collaboration with local organisations who provided the highest measures of safety and security standards, there were no notable incidents. Driven by the effective partnership between AZF, Katara and Ooredoo, the event’s success has prompted AZF to turn the Aspire Lake Festival into an annual event on Qatar’s tourism agenda in the coming years. As such, the organisers at AZF have already begun developing plans for next year,building on feedback this year to ensure they host an even bigger and better event next time.

The Aspire Lake Festival 1 [].jpg

Testimonials from the crowd

The event garnered very positive remarks from the visitors, including prominent media personalities, social media influencers and local SME owners: “My family and I were very impressed by the volume of people here. The performances captivated us. We usually see these events when we travel abroad, so it was great for Aspire Zone to host such an event here at home. We hope to see other similar events organised in Qatar in the future.” – Ali Al Meslemani, Prominent local Aljazeera presenter.

“The show exceeded my expectations. Everything looked so beautiful and the performance was a lovely surprise to us and the many families that attended.” – Hassan Al Sai, Qatar TV presenter and social media influencer

“It’s a real pleasure to see so many local and expat community members enjoying themselves at Aspire Park by taking part in a world-class show like this. People are always excited by the opportunity to take part in unusual and unique events, especially when they’re hosted in landmark locations such as Aspire Park. That is why there were a number of prominent media figures are in attendance. The huge turnout is proof of the Aspire Lake Festival’s success.” – Asma Al Hammadi, local media influencer.

“We’re honoured to see this remarkable show in Aspire Zone. The Aspire Lake Festival is unlike any other event we’ve seen in Qatar. Aspire Zone Foundation has evolved from being a sporting institution to an organisation that is also facilitating cultural exchange through events such as the Aspire Lake Festival. It has exceeded our expectations and we hope to see other events like this organised in Qatar in the future.”– Mohammed Al Hammadi, young presenter on Qatar TV and Sout Al Khaleej

“This has been a great experience for us because Qatar is a country with rich and diverse natural surroundings. There’s a beautiful contrast between Qatar’s desert, the greenery and the modern architecture and designs that have resulted from the modernisation and cultural revolution the country has undergone over the past decade. The Aspire Lake is just as beautiful as Lake Geneva and was the ideal location for the event.” – Roberto Corona. Creative Director for the Aspire Lake Festival

“We thank Aspire Zone Foundation for giving us an opportunity to showcase what we have on-offer to the thousands of attendees who’ve come to watch the Aspire Lake Festival. Our ice cream is the perfect blend between Qatari and Japanese cultures. This event has been a massive success for us, we’ve generated good profit, and learned a lot about working in a fast-paced environment and handling different customers.” - Lulwah Jaber, founder of Ruto Kakigori Ice Cream.

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“We submitted a proposal to have our food truck displayed in Aspire Park and our request was met with welcoming and supportive responses. I encourage all local SME owners to reach out to local organisations such as Aspire Zone and Katara to give them the necessary push to get started. Our aim is to boost the economic sector in Qatar and diversify its economy and help our country become self-sufficient.” – Mariam Al Jaber, founder of ‘Al Fajer’ food truck.

“I’m honoured to be one of the first people to see the Aspire Lake Festival show on the first day. We always look forward to AZF’s events because they never fail to impress and inspire the people in Qatar.” – Abdulaziz Al Buraidi, one of the attendees. “This was a world-class event. My family and I enjoyed the shows immensely. AZF opened the event for free to all community members when these events are costly abroad, which showcases the generous nature of the people and organisations in Qatar.” Abdullah Ali, one of the attendees

The Aspire Lake Festival is part of Aspire Zone Foundation’s year-round series of activities, including the much-anticipated ‘Qatar Strongest Man’ competition which takes place in two weeks, from 24-25 November.