Posted on January 11, 2020

Taking advantage of its diverse and world-class facilities to hold various events, and following the great success of the last two editions, Aspire Zone Foundation organised on Friday January 10, 2020 the third edition of the Aspire Lake Festival, and the show was entitled "The Tree of Life".

The stands surrounding Aspire Lake were filled with thousands of excited spectators during the festival’s shows. The 20 Thousand audience enjoyed the 30-minute show that took them on a spectacular visual and musical journey presenting messages of peace, love, family and happiness.

Aspire Lake Festival remains the most 2 [].jpg

The show included 4 tableaus with the participation of 90 Exhibitors and 45 kid from Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra in a dazzling half-hour show: the first tableau The Children’s Voice (Coral) who talked about peace, love, family and happiness. The second tableau was an opera performance where the opera singer presented a wonderful melody on the lake. The third tableau The Dance of the Trees, which included performers acting as leaves while swaying with the breeze. While the fourth tableau witnessed the growth of foliage to the end where all performers on the stage participated in to present a wonderful and distinctive show. The finale was fascinating with a very elegant and dazzling show for fireworks kicked off from the Torch Hotel and the show's location in the lake, which concluded the unforgettable show.

Aspire Lake Festival remains the most 3 [].jpg

This type of event is an invitation to everyone to get out of the usual home atmosphere and enjoy every moment of the weekend at Aspire Zone facilities, especially in the mild weather at this time of the year. This is in addition to a dedicated area for food and beverages within the festival. A large number of car parks have been allocated to the public and coordination with the Traffic Department to facilitate traffic and coordination with security guards to facilitate entry to the public. The edition of this year's festival was sponsored by Vodafone Qatar, Qatar Airways, Ali Bin Ali Holding Group and the National Tourism Council, in addition to the prominent role of various media outlets to cover the event.