Posted on August 01, 2013

Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) owned Belgian second division football club KAS Eupen is starting its new football season in a new look with a new jersey with the Aspire Academy Logo on it as the main sponsor for the club as part of the overall deal of owning the club.

Many Aspire Academy and football dreams Football players are associated with the first team of KAS Eupen this season 2013/2014 in which the team Jersey will have the Aspire Academy Logo on the front side as the main sponsor and owner.

 In June 2012, an important delegation of senior officials representing AZF including Ivan Bravo, Director General of Aspire Academy, Andreas Bleicher, Advisor international affairs AZF, and Josep Colomer, Director of Aspire Football Dreams, signed the deal with the Belgian club chairman Dieter Steffens.

The agreement, which stipulates that AZF oversees the management of the football-related activities of KAS Eupen, further develops the Aspire Academy and Aspire Football Dreams (AFD) initiatives of AZF. AFD, a unique and fascinating humanitarian football project, specifically targets developing countries on three continents – Africa, Asia, and Latin America – and aims at identifying the future talents of world football. Through international scholarships, the selected individuals from the developing countries are given the opportunity to improve their ability levels whilst receiving a well-rounded education at Aspire Academy or Aspire Senegal.

The agreement is aimed at helping AZF bridge the gap between junior players with great potential and elite professional players, which ultimately feeds into the selection of local and international AFD players. It also gives Aspire individuals the chance to play competitively in a professional football environment and backs them up with finding the right performance level at a critical period in their journey towards international football careers.