Posted on February 03, 2016

Since the issuance of the Emiri degree in 2011 announcing the introduction of Qatar’s National Sports Day, Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has been keen to encourage community participation in this important occasion through hosting a unique series of entertaining activities for families and all members of the community. The range of activities available this year at Aspire Zone reflects the uniqueness that has characterised AZF’s National Sports Day programme during the last four years.

Commenting on this year’s programme, Mr. Ali Saeed Al-Fehaida, Chairman of the AZF National Sports Day committee, said: “We are focused on increasing engagement and participation in National Sports Day and strengthening the concept of what it stands for through innovative and creative programmes. Together with our member organisations – Aspire Academy, Aspetar and Aspire Logistics – AZF will be organising a number of exclusive activities for families and all members of the community to enjoy. Many of these activities are only available at Aspire. We expect to attract thousands of sports enthusiasts, as well as individuals, government entities, and private sector institutions, who come to Aspire Zone every year and contribute to making this day special and creating a fun and enjoyable environment.”

Take part in the Fun Run – AZF’s unique annual activity

Visitors can take part in a 3K Fun run around Aspire Zone which starts at the fans entrance at Aspire Dome, and crosses the Aspire Zone precinct, enabling those who take part to explore the park. Registration begins at 7am and is open for all age groups.

Aspire Zone unique activities during 2 [].jpg

See how you measure up against star athletes!

The ASPIRE Academy Sport Science Department will be running a series of “come and try” sport science testing activities on the Aspire Dome Indoor Athletics Track, taking place from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Such activities include the 20m sprint where visitors can see how fast they are compared to Usain Bolt; throwing speed which tests whether people can match that of a Major League baseball pitcher; vertical jump which gives people the opportunity to see if they can fly like Michael Jordan; and a 200m bike race, where participants can compete with a family member or a friend. Upon completing each activity, all participants receive a certificate detailing their personal scores against those of “Star Athletes” to compare themselves against.

Family Bike fun…Only at Aspire Zone

Following the success of its first edition launched last year, AZF is organising a family bike activity in Aspire Zone for the second consecutive year. Aspire will provide two types of bikes – a four seater bike for families, and single seater bikes for individuals to ride. No registration is required.

Start your day off to the beat of Zumba…Only at Aspire Zone

Ladies can enjoy their share of AZF activities on National Sports Day including the opportunity to enjoy exercising to the Latin beat of Zumba classes. This exclusive action takes place in a private space at the ladies club. Zumba classes combine Latin dancing with physical exercise, helping to maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure as well as improve fitness overall. No registration is required. Those interested in taking part should arrive at 9am. Zumba activity runs until 10:30am.

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Learn wall climbing skills.. Only at Aspire Zone

This activity aims to teach participants mountain climbing skills under the supervision of licensed climbing instructors on an outdoor climbing wall. Wall Climbing takes place near the outdoor pitches behind Grand Heritage hotel.

For the first time at Aspire Zone… Judo training for kids

As part of its efforts to provide a variety of activities that appeal to participants of all ages, this year AZF will be organising judo training for boys and girls aged 8 – 12 years old. Following a number of warm up exercises, those taking part in this training will be able to learn more about judo techniques under the careful guidance and supervision of professional instructors.

People interested in visiting Aspire Zone on National Sports Day can find full details of all the activities on offer on the day through the Life in Aspire mobile application, the Life in Aspire website – – or on any of the Aspire Zone Foundation’s various social media channels.