Posted on March 29, 2019

The ‘Impregnable Guard 2019’ exercise carried out in ‘Al Galayel’ Camp concluded on Thursday under the auspices of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Defence Affairs HE Dr Khalid bin Mohammed al Attiyah.

The ‘Impregnable Guard 2019’ exercise was carried out with the participation of Joint Special Forces, Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya), American Forces and Jordanian Special Forces. The exercise involved parachute landing for medium military vehicles, medical supplies and food supplies in addition to airlift operations and communication with ground forces.

A number of missiles, anti-aircraft weapons and tanks were used in the exercise. The exercise is organised periodically between the US Central Command and partner countries and consists of simulated scenarios to facilitate response to any cross-border security threat as well as the preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The final exercise was attended by Commander of the Joint Special Forces HE Major-General Hamad bin Fetais al Marri and a lineup of senior military officers along with a number of Military Attaches in Qatar.