Posted on November 02, 2018

Qatar is capable of defending itself. This is Qatar's philosophy and its military doctrine, despite having many allies, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Defence Affairs HE Dr Khalid bin Mohammed al Attiyah has affirmed.

Speaking in a discussion session at the Forum on 'Returning Foreign Fighters' on Wednesday, Dr Attiyah said Qatar's attention to the defence dimension is an insurance policy, stressing that the Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani seeks to support and strengthen Qatar's defence capabilities and stability of the region.

On the role of technology in war and combating terrorism, the minister stressed that Qatar invests in modern and advanced equipment and system, including cyber defence systems, adding that Qatar is doubling its efforts to build its defence capabilities to be ready at any time. He said,"Qatar does not care about any threats and from which side it comes, but always sees itself, prepares its people, develops its plans and strategies, and works to be ready for whatever the size and type of threat and from any side comes."

On allegations of terrorism against Qatar, he said,"We have faced violent and strange attacks from some countries that started this imaginary charge of terrorism in a desperate attempt to offend Qatar on the international scene, stressing that Qatar has a vision and goals. No one can affect its vision. We must trust in ourselves to achieve the interests of our nation and serve our people." Regarding how countries deal with their fighters returning from areas of war and conflict, Dr Attiyah stressed that Qatar has contained, provided rehabilitation, education and then integration for its fighters. He said Qatar is an economically strong country which plays big role and weight in the world economy with huge oil and gas resources.